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  1. Bill Burke

    Takefu steel for 2016.

    We have been successful in getting just over 2000 pounds of Takefu, cutlery steel imported from Japan. This is available is standard bars 1, 1/4, 1, 1/2, 2 and 2, 1/2 inches wide in 12, 14 and 16 inch lengths as well as custom cut sizes and sheets. We have 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm thicknesses...
  2. Bill Burke

    Takefu steel for 2016.

  3. Bill Burke

    Seattle Knife show

    2nd Annual Seattle International Knife Show Friday April 24th - Prefunk @ Dragon Fly Forge, Seattle, WA. Saturday April 25th & Sunday April 26th, 2015 Hilton Hotel, Bellevue, WA We are very excited to announce BladeGallery's second Seattle International Knife Show. Our 2014 show...
  4. Bill Burke

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone, hoping everyone has a happy new year.
  5. Bill Burke

    here's another

    San Mai Gyoto, 240mm
  6. Bill Burke

    Dragon's Breath Yanagi ba

    hi guys just wanted to share this: blade 315mm (12.4 inches) dragons breath Damascus, 1080/15n20/nickel/52100 bolster integral with 24ct gold inlay handle red morel burl, wood with musk ox horn spacer.
  7. Bill Burke

    Takefu steel.

    Well it is official. Myself and Daniel at EE are the North American distributors for Takefu steel. right now we have V-toku solid material, sg2 solid, some sg2 suminagashi in 15 and 30 layer. there are several thicknesses. I believe they are 2.8, 3, 3.5, and four mm. The suminagashi will need to...
  8. Bill Burke

    twelve bar turkish twist gyoto

    this is the last knife forged in my old shop. new shop to open soon. blade length; 10 inches blade thickness at spine; .115, mid point; .080, .5 inches behind tip; .030 blade height at heel; 2.25 inches bolster and pins; 416 stainless handle; black sheep horn
  9. Bill Burke

    little Brother!

    Hi guys here is the little brother to the tri color gyoto with ebony handle that I posted the other day. Blade length: 3.30 in. Total length: 7.20 in. Blade width: 0.72 in. Blade thickness: 0.06 in. Item weight: 2.00 oz. thanks for looking!!
  10. Bill Burke

    couple more

    Hi all here are a couple more Gyotos. these were made with tri colored blade steel over a V-toku 2 core from takefu steel in Japan. the first has a ebony handle with mosaic center pin and mokume bolsters. Blade length: 9.60 in. Total length: 14.75 in. Blade width: 2.05 in. Blade...
  11. Bill Burke

    Wa gyoto san mai Takefu steel

    This is a traditional japanese handle gyoto, made with Takefu, stainless and V-Toku 2, steel core. Blade length: 9.20 in. Total length: 15.00 in. Blade width: 1.90 in. Blade thickness: 0.11 in. Item weight: 6.30 oz. thanks for looking
  12. Bill Burke

    new gyoto hot off the bench

    Here is something new hot off the bench on the way to Singapor. opinions please.
  13. Bill Burke

    thoughts on handles

    I have been thinking about handles and am wondering what you guys/gals thought are on custom pre-made handles for Japanese style wa handled knives VS.three four piece custom made handles (think Murry Carter) by the artisan/knife maker
  14. Bill Burke

    costa mesa knife show

    Hey everyone just wondering how many of you will be able to make the california custom knife show? It is the 11 and 12 of Oct. in costa mesa. I know Hoss is planning on going and I'll be there hopefully. Please any of you who can make it stop by and say hi.
  15. Bill Burke

    100 degrees and knife shop

    I discovered yesterday that one hundred degree temps and knife shops don't really mix. I got really dizzy started sweating profusly and then puked for about an hour. I was considering the ER when I finally stopped and after a nap woke feeling better. Has this happened to anyone else here?
  16. Bill Burke

    yes I can or another damascus Blade

    I was talking to a friend about the last Bob kramer knife that was actioned off and he asked if I thought that I could maintain that much control over my damascus. I said that I wasn't sure if I could or not so I had to give it a try. this is the resulting blade. 240mm long 2.5 mm spine above...
  17. Bill Burke

    another damascus san mai

    here is another damascus san mai blade. this one is 416 stainless and pure nickle with a 52100 core. this is the blade only I will post more picture when it is finished
  18. Bill Burke

    sg2 core, damascus san mai

    wondering what the opinions here are of suminagashi steel with sg2 core. my reason for asking is that I have access to a limited supply of this steel. Over the week end I forged a 225mm gyoto out of it then hardend and tempered it to specs I found online. after finishing the knife I proceeded...
  19. Bill Burke

    2, 3, and 4, 2013

    here are the next three from Boise. These are the first three for a long overdue order for EE. first up a 270mm eight bar turkish twist gyoto. Ebony handle three and four is a nice pair of starburst damascus. 240mm gyoto and a parer. iron wood handles. recap
  20. Bill Burke

    ABS Show San Antonio Tx.

    The Abs Show is the week end of the 25 and 26 of Jan. 2013, I will be there with somewhere north of 14 kitchen knives. I would like to invite anyone who can make it to come on down and say hi and I buy them the refreshment of their choice. be forewarned though that little Hobbit from seattle...