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    Favorite custom by western maker

    Hi. So there have been a couple of recent threads about favorite J-knives and newest acquisitions; I thought it would be interesting to ask folks to describe and/or show their favorite custom knife by a western maker. And if choosing among your culinary children is difficult, feel free to...
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    Small Chefs

    Hi. I have noticed a strong preference for large chef knives here on the forums, and more and more makers seem to gravitate that way, yet the most used knives in our kitchen are these two small chefs: and...
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    Ikeda Honyaki

    Hi. I’m not a new member, but this is my first post. I’ve learned a lot here on the forums from everyone’s experience, so thank you for that. I am hoping to tap into that experience for a question about Ikeda honyaki knives. Specifically, I am wondering if folks have noticed an appreciable...