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    Starting a collection

    I learned to sharpen over the past year and change and I would say that while getting comfortable initially on a beater knife you're fine with scratching up is a good first step, where I noticed the most improvement after that point was after getting and practicing sharpening a gyuto in white...
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    SOLD Modified Watanabe 180 Gyuto

    How this took two hours to move is crazy. Shows what I get for having discipline and not checking BST during work!
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    The knives of our wives

    My girlfriend mostly uses a Victorinox 8" chef's. She's tried my gyutos but prefers the Vnox for rock chopping. I've offered to get her an upgrade with a similar profile (thinking ZKramer) but nope, she likes the Vnox, and if she's gonna leave a knife out overnight covered in pizza gunk I guess...
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    What are your opinions about the most respected knife? (Piece of advice for new comers)

    As others have said, there's no definite answer here, but the makers that come up repeatedly in this thread are probably a good place to start: Top 5 Knives to try at Under $300 My collection is quite small by the standards here but pretty much everything I have (and most of the knives on my to...
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    Nashiji vs Hammered finish?

    I emailed KnS about the nashiji/KU when they first started stocking them. The response I got (not from James but an assistant) described the grind and performance as being similar to the hammered version. Ended up buying a Mazaki instead so I can't speak to it firsthand though.
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    Your favourite Semi-/Stainless Knife

    Which Yoshikane knives use SKD-11 vs. 12? Recently picked up a Yoshikane SKD hammered gyuto that I'm really liking. Haven't seen writeup distinguishing these subtypes though, are these two varieties used in one particular model or another?
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    One-stop thinning stone?

    If you had to recommend one coarse to medium-coarse stone as a do-it-all stone for routine to moderate thinning jobs, what would it be? I'm a mediocre (but improving!) sharpener and I'm starting to get in my head that I have a few knives that could stand to go on a diet behind the edge. My...
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    SOLD Shig. Funayuki & Toyama Stainless Clad 210mm Gyuto

    Apologies for the tangent but how did you go about adding the finger notch to the Toyama?
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    Show us your favorite handles

    Handle on that nakiri is gorgeous and the burl matches the dammy pattern really nicely. Who's work is it?
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    WTS King hyper 1k hard, suehiro finishing stones. Jns red aoto

    PMed for the King Hyper and Rika 5k, any chance these are still available?
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    +1 to the thermopop fan list, at least for home use. I haven't tested it beyond boiling water (for which it was accurate) but it reads quickly and easily, and it's cheap.
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    SOLD Tanaka ginsan petty 150mm

    Agreed, I picked one up recently and it's been my most frequently reached-for knife by a long shot.
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    KKF redirects to spam site after a few moments.

    I've had the same issue infrequently in the last week or so, on Android only, before yesterday happening every time I've opened the site. As a workaround, setting the page to display in desktop format seems to prevent the issue from popping up.
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    SOLD Mazaki 220 and Watanabe 180

    PM sent on Mazaki.
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    Recommend me a taller, thinner, flatter gyuto

    Thanks for all the follow-up responses! This gives me a lot of useful input to mull over. This is one of the factors that's difficult to figure out just from reading reviews and discussion--I understand grind is key but struggle to figure out how much to weight what I think are my preferences...
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    Recommend me a taller, thinner, flatter gyuto

    Masashi looks like an awesome chopping profile, not sure why I didn't think to include it in this list, other than not being mentioned in the same breath as makers like Wakui and Tanaka so much. How is the tip for stuff like onions? The 240mm that's in stock at Aframes is just over my max budget...
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    Recommend me a taller, thinner, flatter gyuto

    LOCATION: US KNIFE TYPE: gyuto Are you right or left handed? Right Handle? Japanese Length? 210mm - 240mm... an oversize 210 seems ideal Stainless? No, but would prefer stainless clad rather than reactive cladding Budget? Hard cap of $250, but strong preference to keep it not much more...
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    New around here

    Hi all--long time lurker/first time poster. Found this place months ago from r/chefknives and have started my journey down the rabbit hole. I've been restraining myself and only have two jknives in my drawer so far but I'm realizing further pickups are inevitable. Anyway, thanks to the community...