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  1. Kirk Stonick

    180mm gyuto recommendation as gift for mom

    My mom commented on how much she likes my knives and we got to talking about Christmas presents... She's got functional knives, but is hoping for something beautiful and comfortable. LOCATION USA KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife...
  2. Kirk Stonick

    Anyone familiar with Takayuki TUS?

    Last weekend I checked out a couple of my local knife shops here in Portland, OR and I saw that they both carried this line of Takayuki TUS knives. The service people at both shops said they thought highly of the knives for the price point and preferred them to Tojiros for entry level Japanese...
  3. Kirk Stonick

    Upcoming China visit. Anyone know the market there?

    I'll be in the Shanghai area for a week this October. I'm a probably lower intermediate-level home cook who is new to the world of Asian knives. I know that I want a cheap-ish Chinese cleaver, and have decided that instead of buying a CCK now, I'll wait and buy something in China. I'm hoping for...
  4. Kirk Stonick

    Help me understand my knife better

    I recently bought a knife that's better than my skill level: A 240mm Tanaka Ginsan Nashiji. I've used it quite a bit these past couple weeks and have enjoyed it, though there's a little bit of a learning curve. And I've showed it off to some friends, who like the look, but wonder about what...
  5. Kirk Stonick

    Feedback on plans for beginner whetstones

    Hi folks. I bought a Richmond Artifex tall gyuto a few years back and have practiced sharpening it a few times on one of those cheap amazon SharpPebble combo stones. Well, this week I decided to plunge in and buy a Tanaka Ginsan Nashiji, and I'd like better stones to go with it. Was hoping to...
  6. Kirk Stonick

    New member checking in

    Hi all, I'm Kirk from Portland, OR. Looking forward to getting advice from y'all!