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    Can anyone tell me what these are?

    I can't give any details other than this picture... Are these knives worth anything/good to use?
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    First try at a kasumi finish (3k synthetic)

    Hey all, I just recently learned about kasumi and decided to try it on my Deba. Id love to know what you guys think! This was done with my suehiro skg-24 using a lapping plate and some cork to get the scratches out.
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    two days of fermenting to lead to... THIS! Excuse potato picture quality
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    Trying to learn more about my deba.

    Hi guys. I was given a deba in terrible condition (see the images) and told that if I fix it up, its mine. Well, about a year later, I've finally had the time to restore it! anyway, I'm trying to learn more about it. It has already been Id'ed as a Hiromoto of Sanjo (not seki) but I'd love to...
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    Canadian here, entering the forums

    Hey all. I'm a Canadian sharpener and knifemaker. I look forward to meeting everyone!