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  1. pennman

    Works in Progress

    The two autopsy slicers are 14-1/4” blades and the tanto slicers are 15” blades. All CTS-XHP. Only the left tanto slicer is available and I think I’ll be doing an auction for it. Still have to clean up blades, imprint, sharpen, and sayas.
  2. pennman

    194mm CPM-M4 Santoku

    194mm CPM-M4 Santoku-ish blade with presentation grade curly Koa, carbon fiber, and G10 scales. Handmade leather saya. Custom order for a chef.
  3. pennman

    Works in Progress

    14” XHP. Risked tanto. Also useful as a maguro.
  4. pennman

    Works in Progress

    Thank you. It’s been a while, but I’m diving back into the list of people waiting on knives.
  5. pennman

    Works in Progress

    M4 santoku
  6. pennman

    Works in Progress

  7. pennman

    Works in Progress

    Some works in progress.
  8. pennman

    Please recommend some cookbooks (or websites, YT etc)

    Bourdain - Les Halles cookbook, great beginner French book. Simple and slightly sarcastic New Spanish Table Jerusalem-ottolenghi Shaya Zahav King Solomon’s table Salt, fat, Acid, Heat Harumi at home The flavor Bible And most surprisingly, Jamie Oliver’s meals in minutes. This one is a...
  9. pennman

    Show us your Steak Knife

    A set I made a couple years ago. 5” blades, maple Burl, G10 liners.
  10. pennman

    Chili cook off recipe

    I have substituted 2 bottles la Costena green salsa for stock/liquid in my chili. I also add lots of red bell and poblano peppers (medium chop) after the meat. If I use beans, I prefer great northern to kidney beans. Some agave syrup if you want a little sweetness. Lime juice for some acid.
  11. pennman

    Works in Progress

    A few EDC blades I make. Left is S110V, next is stainless San mai CPM 10V, scalpel is CPM M4, and eight is San mai CPM 10V. Yes, the scalpel is my every day knife. o_O 220mm CPM 20CV with bloodwood handle 250-ish CPM M4 blade with carbon fiber and c-tek handle.
  12. pennman

    WTS 2 Narra honyaki 240mm [EU]

    When you say they are w 1 tool steel, do you mean actually “W1” steel or are they white 1 steel (shirogami 1)?
  13. pennman

    What do you have on your wrist?

    Ball fireman nightbreaker.
  14. pennman

    Thai knives

    No I didn’t. I rarely use a cleaver. But it looked interesting.
  15. pennman

    Thai knives

  16. pennman

    My Stuff

    What we need to see is your storage system for this awesome collection.
  17. pennman

    Kitchen Shears: MAC KS-85 vs Tojiro-Pro FK-843

    Yes. You remember correctly. :D
  18. pennman

    Kitchen Shears: MAC KS-85 vs Tojiro-Pro FK-843

    This is my basic autopsy kit. A pair of bonney forceps, a long handle CPM-M4 scalpel, a 14” XHP slicer, and my cutcos. The scalpel is more like a kwaiken and has a 90 mm blade. I made the scalpel and slicer.
  19. pennman

    Kitchen Shears: MAC KS-85 vs Tojiro-Pro FK-843

    I also have the MAC shears and have used them for dozens of autopsies. Like them a lot. Built like the cutcos. Excellent shears. Worth the money. Have a slightly longer neck to each blade so the cut a little easier than the cutcos.