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  1. tundraotto

    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    Chosera/Naniwa Pro 3000
  2. tundraotto

    Feedback on plans for beginner whetstones

    Just get a Shapton Pro 1000 & 2000, problem solved and at low cost
  3. tundraotto

    First stone setup and a couple related questions

    +1 on the Chosera 800/3000 for splash & go if toilet tank is an option for soakers Suehiro cerax 320, 1000 and Rika 5000
  4. tundraotto

    Time for a new 1K, thoughts?

    I really like the Shapton Pro 1000 and the Chosera/Naniwa Professional 800 – and Suehiro Cerax 1000 for a soaker stone
  5. tundraotto

    Long time lurker

    Thank you Gentlemen - Happy to be here!
  6. tundraotto

    Long time lurker

    Hi all - Lifelong edge-fanatic - Semi-recent kitchen knife & sharpening enthusiast. Long time lurker here.