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  1. Bert2368

    How are you coping? What are you doing

    I've been feeling a little chili lately.
  2. Bert2368

    Starting my shopping list, new member from Spooner, Wisconsin

    I would have enjoyed my time working in restaurant and hotel kitchens (down in and around Madison, WI) more if I had had better knives- These two are made in Canada by North Arm. Very stainless, very sharp out of the box, quite hard but sharpen reasonably easily. G10 handles standard, Carbon...
  3. Bert2368

    How are you coping? What are you doing

    Still spending a lot of time gardening. Normal years, I have no time to weed from mid June until near end of July so garden runs wild. This year, it is almost orderly. On top of that, I started a largish wildlife garden.
  4. Bert2368

    Binchotan Charcoal

    I took a quick look at Looftlighters. I wondered about the rather wide range in price and different appearances. I had NO idea until now that Chinese were counterfeiting every successful BBQ tool and device they ever learn of, but I should have guessed...
  5. Bert2368

    Binchotan Charcoal

    I got interested and am now overthinking this, probably. Got some questions? Never even HEARD of this before today. I understand the cooking/cooling process for these charcoals. Looking at the 30 varieties offered at Korin, I see the hierarchy being, first, whole branches yielding about .75"...
  6. Bert2368

    Binchotan Charcoal

    I know a little bit about charcoal and making charcoal- Because it is a major ingredient in black powder and several fireworks mixtures, a rather different application. My experience of Japanese charcoal is with hemp or Paulownia sp. for fast powder and pine charcoals for long lasting spark...
  7. Bert2368

    Binchotan Charcoal

    I would NEVER start charcoal indoors, it is one of the classic ways to experience Carbon monoxide poisoning. A very little bit of CO goes a long way, it has about 400X the affinity for sticking to hemoglobin than Oxygen, will build up even if there is very little CO and plenty of O2 in your...
  8. Bert2368

    Dining on carp?

    On the lake I grew up next to, there was a commercial carp fishery back around the 1930s through the late 1960s. Initially, the carp were seined from the lake and shipped LIVE in aerated tank cars to Chicago and other cities with European imigrant ethnic communities who considered fresh carp to...
  9. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I think THIS wins the thread...
  10. Bert2368

    Big knives: Not just for back of house...

    I can see my old 1980s apartment above Pegasus Games/Schwartzs Jewelers on State street, Madison WI through the front window of the restaurant, as this Syrian restaurnt owner convinces looters to go elsewhere- With a SWORD. He don' need no stinkin' AKM. He has the decorative scimitar off the...
  11. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I have been PAID to burn down a rendition of a famous architects design... For ART, you understand. And I refuse to apologize for art!
  12. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    We are always looking for more people who want to learn the craft. It's a low margin business, so pays not so well, it's moderately dirty work (but a lot cleaner than say, cleaning out the grease trap in a commercial kitchen- Or dealing with the bathrooms on a heavy night). It is not...
  13. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Obligatory lawyer bashing? OK Why do they bury lawyers 12' down I stead of 6' like everyone else?
  14. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    It's a lot sweatier, occasionally more boring or maddening and generaly dirtier than it looks from the audience...
  15. Bert2368

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Pyrotechnist. Outdoor display work, indoor/proximate, stage, movie and video SFX. Also do "gun wrangling" and provide armorer services for video & movies. Licensed to manufacture and import explosives. Co owner of a pyrotechnic display company. Basically, I work in the entertainment industry- I...
  16. Bert2368

    Other The Best Damn Guacamole

    Instead of using any onions at all, try using finely chopped CHIVES. I usually add just a bit of fresh Mexican oregano too, if I have a plant growing nearby. Instead of jalapenos, use serrano chilis. Ideally, serranos that have turned red. I always remove the pith, use more chilis if you want...
  17. Bert2368

    Recipe Requested Anka sauce?

    I have never used this before. I recently made an instant pot Chinese pork rib recipe with star anise, cinnamon bark, cloves, honey, scallions, wine and ginger which called for this sauce, so I just ommited it... And the results were still good enough to make me want more. None of the stores...
  18. Bert2368

    Favorite Peppers

    This year I am growing: Ghost, Bahama goat, fish peppers, serrano, orange Thai, Fresno, ancho/mulatto, anaheim, sushito. Had an accident which took out all the urfa biebers and giant red marconi, damn.
  19. Bert2368

    what do you guys use for pocket knives?

    Grind a sharpening choil at base of edge. Then flatten out any remaining curve on the cutting edge near base to make your life easier, proceed to sharpen normally on a flat stone.
  20. Bert2368

    Canned chicken.

    I will never forget watching my mother open a canned chicken and extrude the tubular carcass within, sometime around 1972 while we were at "the summer place". Yep, she made chicken salad. Yep, it was pretty much edible, non toxic food. Yep, the consistency could be quibbled with... But if I...