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  1. stringer

    ZDP 189 and JNAT

    The problem is that jnats (and most other natural stones) aren't aggressive cutters against exotic high hardness tool steels with lots of really hard carbides. Jnats are ideal for simple carbons and for very fine grained relatively simple and relatively softer stainless. Your best bet is doing...
  2. stringer

    New handle/don't laugh

    This reminds me of one I did a few years ago for a buddy at work. I used wenge and didn't pin it at first. It made it about 6 months to a year and then one side popped off so I added some pins.
  3. stringer

    Avocado Uses Required

    Fried avocado tacos are amazing. I like to do egg with panko for the breading. Avocado ice cream is delicious For smoothies I put strained Greek yogurt and avocados in the blender and thin as necessary with milk. The Colombian restaurants in my neighborhood do arepas with plantains, avocado...
  4. stringer

    Family members knives ... keeping an edge

    It's basically a heat sink. Especially with chocolate it helps you to work with it without everything melting and falling apart
  5. stringer

    WTS Mercers

  6. stringer

    Peeling apple without breaking

    These are a lifesaver if you're making pie or tarts. Core and peel at the same time
  7. stringer

    Peeling apple without breaking

    I think that I could do this task with any number of knives but I would probably pick a different apple. I used an old battered honey crisp straight from the fridge. If I wanted to improve my odds of success I would use a fresh specimen of a less crisp variety and peel it at room temperature...
  8. stringer

    Peeling apple without breaking

    I use those y peelers for potatoes and sweet potatoes. I used a straight peeler for carrots and parsnips. I have never tried to peel an apple with anything other than a small knife, even if I have to peel bushels of them. Not the prettiest, but you get the idea. I prefer a gyuto for stuff...
  9. stringer

    Peeling apple without breaking

    A cheap paring knife works pretty good. I would use a 150-180 suji shaped petty (so shorter height as opposed to a gyuto, santoku, or kiritsuke shaped petty). For this type of cut the ideal geometry is actually the opposite of most other knives. You are cutting in the other direction, toward...
  10. stringer

    How risky is it to straighten a stainless knife?

    Good job. I can't really tell from this angle but it looks like you could have probably eliminated that last little bit of curvature just through some shaping/thinning/sharpening the tip.
  11. stringer

    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    I have never damaged a knife using this technique on veggies. I use it frequently when chopping dense root vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash. I like knives with think spines. They will wedge no matter how thin they are behind the edge if the vegetable is taller than the knife. A little...
  12. stringer

    Forgecraft project: Asymmetric convex

    Definitely press fit. Not screws or anything.
  13. stringer

    Naniwa pro400 or shapton glass500

    This is my philosophy. I use SiC on granite of they get really bad but mostly I just rub stones together. I group them into categories. I have about a half dozen 5$ Chinese diamond plates. They are rarely used and I've never purchased an atoma. I just segregate my stones by category and I have...
  14. stringer

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    Before you leave. I do have a few questions about your coarse conditioned ark. What do you usually use it for? How long does it stay "coarse"? Where would you put the speed in cutting compared to a run of the mill coticule with a medium slurry? I have some little pocket knife size pieces that...
  15. stringer

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    Exactly. Hard arks have physical properties that, when properly dressed, allow them to perform like precision ground flat stones. Check out a YouTube video of you aren't familiar. A normal abrasives has bits that stick out, the grit. This grit creates new burrs or scratches. Most release grit...
  16. stringer

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    Yes, coticules will almost always be faster. They cut. Hard arks burnish/polish. Coticules release material, some more than others. There's no detectible material released by a hard arks. If I rub two coticules together dry I get a fine white powder. If wet then I get slurry. Rub two pieces of...
  17. stringer

    Honing with Arkansas Stone

    I have been getting into Arkansas stones for straight razors. I find Soft Arks and Washitas are great for knives. Too slow for thinning but great for bevel work, touchups, and deburring after coarse synthetics. A Lily white washita has replaced the ceramic rod in my kitchen knife drawer. Hard...
  18. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    I bought a Shapton Pro 12k a long time ago. Thinking I would eventually get the 16k and 30k stones. I never used it much. The edge it produces works fine for shaving. It isn't as comfortable as shaving off of natural stones. When I first started out I would do a whole progression of synthetics...
  19. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    I think that when you are first starting out you should eliminate as many variables as you can and figure out a simple strategy that works for you. And once you get that down pat then you can start really experimenting changing one variable at a time. I would imagine that your 6k diamond stone...
  20. stringer

    Usuba hamaguri sharpening troubleshooting

    What not to do Much better