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  1. bm11

    SOLD Baratza Encore coffee grinder

    Up for sale is my Baratza Encore conical burr coffee grinder. Almost universally regarded as the standard for budget burr grinders, this was an easy purchase three weeks ago when I bought it brand new after getting into the premium coffee scene. It has been used in my home in that three week...
  2. bm11

    My new Boardsmith boards

    I wanted to take a minute to post about what a positive experience working with John Loftis was on my recent board order. I owned a really nice Proteak board but due to what I've read about teak having a high silica content, I decided I wanted to upgrade to a more knife friendly material. My...
  3. bm11

    Shipping a used knife from US to Germany

    Hello, I have a Kato currently listed on Ebay, and a potential bidder just asked me a question- "Hello! Would you ship to Europe, Germany?" I never considered the possibility that I couldn't ship anywhere, as I have bought knives from members here that have come from other countries. Are...
  4. bm11

    Teak cutting board discussion (again)

    Hello all, I've read a lot of conflicting threads/articles/etc on the use of teak as a cutting board. There are two schools of thought on this- one is that due to the natural silica content of teak, it shouldn't be used in the construction of a cutting board as it dulls faster than other wood...
  5. bm11

    WTB Kato 240 Workhorse

    Hello, I'm interested in a Kato 240mm Workhorse. I'm aware that they sell for high prices, and am not offended or scared away by that. Please let me know what you have and what price you want, worst case scenario we won't make a deal! Bob
  6. bm11

    Post your Kato Gyuto measurements!

    Hello, I have only been into kitchen knives a short while, but the current hype with Kato fascinates me! I am interested in compiling some measurements as it has been speculated that his dimensions have changed a bit over the years. I’ll maintain a running list in the original post. Please let...
  7. bm11

    WTB 270-300mm Toyama or Watanabe Suji

    Edited- I’m now looking for a 270-300mm Toyama or Watanabe Sujihiki, new or used. Let me know what you have!
  8. bm11

    WTB 270mm Toyama or Watanabe Sujihike

    Interested in a Toyama or Watanabe Suji, preferably 270mm but would be willing to discuss 300mm, and open to new or used. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Bob
  9. bm11

    Questionaire Sujihiki: 270MM edition

    I logged in this morning to post this thread, and found another sujihiki thread already here. I was going to just hang back and wait and see what the results were, but it turns out the options are different enough between 240mm and 270mm for me to indulge myself and make my own thread. Hey...
  10. bm11

    I have committed a KKF sacrilege...

    I feel the need to confess, as my conscience was getting the best of me and I thought I'd better come clean. Starting out, my intentions were to get a well rounded collection of high quality Japanese knives. My first was a Masamoto KS, so I was on the right track there. I then purchased a...
  11. bm11

    WTB Watanabe Pro Nakiri

    I’ve been reading, and decided this is probably the Nakiri for me. I’m interested in new or used. Let me know what you have and what you need for it! Thanks, -Bob
  12. bm11

    Rapidly building a useable collection of Japanese knives, where to focus next?

    OK, I didn't fill out the questionnaire because that is geared more towards "what Gyuto etc should I buy" where I'm polling to figure out what actual style of knife I should focus on adding to my collection of users next, based on what should get the most use. For the most part, these knives...
  13. bm11

    Buying fish for Sashimi (US)

    Hello, I've been a long time sushi and sashimi lover, and while the sushi doesn't fit with the keto diet I am on, sashimi sure does! My wife also loves it, which makes the dish a surefire winner at home. It even was a great excuse to go entirely overboard on a new Yanagiba! That said, I'm...
  14. bm11

    No love for Wicked Edge here?

    A little bit of a background on myself- I’ve been a knife guy since I was a kid. At a real young age I used a hand-me-down whetstone to put an edge on a butter knife. As an early adult, I started collecting a “nice” kitchen knife set (Henckels Professional S,) and maintained them on a Spyderco...
  15. bm11

    Bought some Naniwa’s, need some help identifying

    Hello all, Based on the popularity of hand sharpening here, I just bought a set of Naniwa stones that are supposed to be Chosera’s (even though I already have a Wicked Edge setup.) I know that in the US the Chosera has been replaced with the Professional series, however, I think these are...
  16. bm11

    WTB Masamoto KS Gyuto 240mm White Steel

    Hello, Overhyped or not, I’ve decided my first real high end knife should be a white steel Masamoto KS 240mm. Prefer NIB, prefer it to include Saya. Shoot me what you’ve got! Ideally I’d like to have it by Thursday, my wife is cooking our 10th anniversary meal and I would like her to have it! -BM
  17. bm11

    New member checking in from Maine

    Hello all, Just wanted to say “hello!” Long time knife enthusiast, just getting into kitchen knives now. Great resource here! -BM