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  1. JBroida

    An update for our store during the Covid-19 craziness

    Beginning on Wednesday March 18th, 2020, Japanese Knife Imports will be moving to a curbside pickup/delivery/shipment based system, as a way to ensure the safety and health of our customers and staff. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. In much better news, we will be...
  2. JBroida

    Wishlist feature added

    Hey guys, just a heads up that we are in the process of adding a wishlist to the website. Its already active and working, but we will be improving implementation as time goes on. Its been a requested feature for a while, so i'm glad we finally got it up there. You can access the wishlist via...
  3. JBroida

    Stones coming back in stock very soon

    For those of you who are waiting, almost all of the stones we carry have arrived here at our store, so they will be listed back in stock as we are able to inspect and receive them. Some are already back in stock (the diamond flattening plates and 1k/6k gesshin combo stone... the 2k is next up...
  4. JBroida

    Important notice 1/27/19- slow responses for about 2 weeks

    For anyone trying to contact me, I will not be able to respond to most things for the next week or two as my wife just gave birth to our 2nd son, Kenshin. You can still email me, and josh will be looking at my emails, but I probably won’t be responding to emails and PMs for the next little bit...
  5. JBroida

    Stolen Knives to keep an eye out for

    Hey Guys- A while back, a good friend of mine had some really special knives stolen from him. While he prefers to remain anonymous, we both thought that the community should be aware that these knives seem to be up for sale. 300mm kiritsuke 360mm sakimaru takobiki 390mm maguro kiri #28 from...
  6. JBroida

    Pricing heads up

    Hey guys... as I'm placing a bunch of orders after the holidays and also receiving invoices for items we ordered previously, I have been noticing pretty significant price increases from some makers. Increases ranged from 18%-nearly 50% in some cases. Just giving you a heads up, as we will need...
  7. JBroida

    Japanese sales tax going up next year

    Hey Guys... just a friendly heads up. Next Sept (I believe), Japan's sales tax is set to go up from 8% to 10%. It began at 5% around the time of the big earthquake off of Fukushima. Japan enacted an increase in the sales tax from that time. The jump to 8% happened a few years back, but soon...
  8. JBroida

    New Stones Today

    Hey Guys... just added a few new stones I thought you guys might enjoy. First up, an Extra Large version of our Gesshin 400. Here's a link so you can check out the size differences on our Instagram page: Gesshin 400 size comparison on @JKnifeImports Instagram and here's a link to the...
  9. JBroida

    JKI Knife-Folio... a new knife bag

    Based on our JKI Premium Padded Knife Case, we designed this knife case to fit a few more knives in a more well-organized manner. This case opens like a book to expose two sides with pockets on the top an bottom. This setup allows you to balance how you put knives into the case, by putting...
  10. JBroida

    PM Limit

    Hey guys... i know i have a huge number of PM's in my inbox, but all of the sudden today, my limit went down from what it was before (where i had space) to 100... while i plan on clearing up a lot of space, this seems rather low. Is this a glitch?
  11. JBroida

    Japan Trip 2017

    From September 14th, 2017 to October 18th, 2017, Japanese Knife Imports will remain open, but the schedule will be slightly altered. In addition to our normal day off on Thursday, we will also be closed on Sunday. We will also be extending out Saturday hours by 1 hour, opening at noon and...
  12. JBroida

    Kintaro Restock

    Just got all of the kintro series back in stock today... they are up on the website now
  13. JBroida

    Random "hidden" things on the website

    So, I've come to realize that some things can be a bit hard to find on our website... i probably need to restructure the menu a bit... anyways, i thought i would share some things that you might not know about... On that...
  14. JBroida

    KnifePlanet Sharpening School- Thinning Lesson

    Hey Guys- Peter and I just finished up the lesson on thinning. I think it turned out pretty good all in all. I thought i'd share it with you guys too. Let me know what you think. -Jon
  15. JBroida

    Introducing the Ikazuchi 135mm Wa-Petty

    Introducing the Ikazuchi 135mm Stainless Clad Blue Super Wa-Petty... because it is measured from heel to tip, this is the same size as most 150mm wa-petties from Sakai. This series is crazy thin, sharpens easily, and has very good edge retention. They are finally up on our site here...
  16. JBroida

    Gesshin 4000 Stone Sale

    The #Gesshin 4000 grit stone has always been one of my favorites... crazy fast cutting, works well on even super hard steels, amazing tactile feedback, and slow dishing. I thought it would be cool to help introduce more of you guys to one of my favorite stones, so I'm putting up a discount code...
  17. JBroida

    New Knife Rolls on the Site

    Just added some new knife rolls to the site... This knife bag was designed and manufactured by a cook in Los Angeles. He wanted to created a tough and durable knife bag that was washable, easy to travel with, and fit the tools he needed at work each day. The bag has 4 large pockets, 2 medium...
  18. JBroida

    Next Livestream... what do you guys want to see/ask?

    I really enjoyed doing the last couple of livestreams, and thought i would reach out and see if you guys had anything in particular you wanted to see or hear about. I've already had a few suggestions: Get a better mic to block out other noise... i bought a lav mic (the clip on kind)...
  19. JBroida

    Livestream Q&A Sunday, july 9th 10:30 am PDT

    On Sunday, July 9th at 10:30 am PDT, we will be hosting a live stream Q&A session on youtube. I will be covering some basic concepts that customers ask about frequently, as well as responding to questions through the chat or video comments. We hope that you will tune in and join us. I will post...
  20. JBroida

    Gesshin Ginga Western Handled Special until the end of July 4th

    Hey Guys, with our most recent deliveries, we've ended up with a huge number of western handled gesshin ginga knives. We thought we'd make something special out of this and are running a special until the end of July 4th. Use the code "July4" (without quotes obviously) at checkout for a great...