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  1. aszma

    WTT /WTS Watanabe Suji 270mm

    Bought this suji from labor of love maybe 2 months ago now. It was my first suji and i really liked it but it was just a bit too light for me and I wasnt using it as much as i thought I was going to. Ive used it maybe 3-4 times to cut some salmon and chicken breast never sharpened...
  2. aszma

    WTB 210mm-240mm stainless steel gyuto wa handle

    A friend of mines recently got into japan's knives and wants to make his first big purchase. I told him id help him out and wanted to see if anyone had something used before we look to buy new. Hes looking for a 240mm gyuot wa handle preferably in stainless steel. Looking to stay within a...
  3. aszma

    Functional difference between a small gyuto, nakiri, santoku, and bunka?

    Are there any real functional differences between a small gyuto, nakiri, santoku, or bunka? Been looking at small knives lately due to how inconvenient is to use my work knife which is a 250mm gyuto in a very small home kitchen. Been looking at smaller knives and am quite surprised how many...
  4. aszma

    WTB Smaller Raquin 160mm-210

    WTB a smaller raquin looking for either a nakiri or bunka in the 160-190mm range but would be open to a smaller gyuto in the 180-220mm range
  5. aszma

    LF new 180mm petty

    Looking to buy a 180mm petty. I really enjoyed using a takamura 150mm petty but i found it just a bit too short for certain tasks and i enjoy using a wa handle much more than a western. Looking for something light and on the laser side that will be used mainly for processing proteins and...
  6. aszma

    WTS Takamura 150mm petty

    Reselling this petty I got a couple weeks ago. I actually really like it but its just a tad bit too short for all the tasks I was trying to use it for so im putting it back up and will probably use the funds for a 180 Mazaki petty. Measurements Blade length: 150mm Height at heel: 28mm Link...
  7. aszma

    unpopular opinion knife rolls/bags are a complete scam

    Probably an unpopular opinion but I think knife rolls and bags are complete scams and are usually super over priced or just complete trash quality. Ever sense I entered the kitchen ive always been into chef gear, getting the most efficient knives and tools for each task, the most comfortable...
  8. aszma

    What separates a low quality stone vs a high quality stone

    What exactly separates a poor stone from a good stone? Theres a lot of stone brands out there and its quite intimidating to pick one especially when I dont really even know the difference between them. Id like to replace my current stone only because its too large and I move from place to...
  9. aszma

    WTB either a 210 or 240mm gyuto and 150mm or shorter petty

    Friends looking to add some knives to his kit. Hes looking for either a 210mm or 240mm gyuto and a 150mm or shorter petty. He prefers stainless but can work with carbon as long as its stainless clad, ideally Wa handles as well. These will be used in a professional kitchen. would prefer...
  10. aszma

    SOLD /WTT Masamoto KS w/custom handle

    Just got this the other week from another member on KKF wanted to try a Masamoto KS for a while sense its so hyped here cut a couple cucumbers and some green onions nothing wrong with it just not my profile. Includes Masamoto KS w/custom handle Saya Original box Previous post...
  11. aszma

    WTB Takeda bunka or similar knife

    Looking for a takeda bunk between 165-180mm and the more height the better. Asking on here first bc ive been wanting to try a takeda for a while now but ive always been scared of the inconsistencies ive heard about. Id also be down to buy a blade similar to a takeda as im really just trying to...
  12. aszma

    Are different steels better for different tasks?

    Hi all a comment I once read on R/Chefknives during my earlier days when i just got into japanes knives was something along the lines of "you never upgrade or downgrade when you change steels you just change characteristics" which I always thought was very cool especially in my own research...
  13. aszma

    Advice on how to rehandle my gesshin stainless gyuto?

    Hi all so I bought a handle with the idea that it would be a fun project for me to try and replace the handle on my gesshin stainless. Only problem is I have zero idea on how to tackle this project and from what ive seen on youtube there is more than one way to do so. So if anyone could help...
  14. aszma

    Cleaver advice and recommendation

    So last month i was debating on buying and was in the market for a smaller nakiri or bunka. My new job doesnt require a lot of hard prep as in my 240 work horse isn't as efficient when majority of my prep are smaller veggies with really fine cuts (green onions, white onions, lots of herbs...
  15. aszma

    Withdrawn Toyama SS Clad 240mm gyuto

    Hello all regrettably I need to resell my toyama that I purchased from the BTS forums a while ago. Id rather not sell this as its probably my favorite knife but someone broke into my garage and stole my bike. With rent coming up and being in desperate need of a way to get to work im putting...
  16. aszma

    Knife recommendation: LF smaller laser nakiri or santoku

    LOCATION USA KNIFE TYPE Looking for maybe a Nakiri or santoku Right Handed Japanese Handle Knife Length: 180-150mm Do you require a stainless knife? No Max Budget: $300 KNIFE USE Im looking for a smaller knife for majority of my home use and for fine and precise cuts at work...
  17. aszma

    Bought Looking for laser gyuto 210mm-240mm

    My sous chef asked me to find him a japanes chef knife and hes dead set on trying a laser. I recommended him a couple names and showed him some stuff but he insists on me picking it out for him with a given budget of 500 I dont really want to buy him a new knife sense there is no guarantee hes...
  18. aszma

    SOLD 180mm suisin inox honyaki petty

    up for sale is my 180mm inox honyaki petty. Used once to core some onions hasnt even touched a cutting board. Selling because it's just been a drawer queen for the past 4 months. Bought in June at JKI for 230 when i went in to buy a geshin ginga 210-180mm petty, they didnt have any in stock...
  19. aszma

    What is your favorite stainless/semistainless steel knives and why

    I became a carbon convert pretty quickly in my career as for the first 2 years of my career i didn't really sharpen my own knives and didn't know much about knives in general. Back then I was rocking a global 210mm and a masamoto western vg10 240mm so to say i was using good steel or well heat...
  20. aszma

    Professional Chefs whats your favorite way to stay comfortable during long shifts.

    I remember when I first started cooking in some bar when I was 18. The owners had no Idea what they were doing and neither did I. The back of house consisted of two people some chines lady i called lan and I. No standards meant my uniform was whatever I happened to be wearing that day. So...