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  1. Garner Harrison

    WTS JNS 1000 and JNS 6000

    Looking to downsize my collection of stones even more since to the virus I'm out of kitchen work for the foreseeable future. These were probably my favourite stones out of the JNS line up with how fast and fun they were to use. They are new, lightly used stones brought in December of last year...
  2. Garner Harrison

    Audiophile journey

    Hey guys and gals! As a beginner I just wanted to know more about the audiophile world through everyone else experiences with audio equipment and how awesome their own audio set ups are! Would love to see photos :D So Ill start with my journey with it so far. I have always wanted to get into...
  3. Garner Harrison

    WTS JNS 800/JNS Synthetic Red Aoto

    Hello, Looking to sell these two lightly used JNS stones, widely known and loved on the KKF. They were some of my first stones going into the whetstone rabbit hole but I have come to love harder stones and I have some unexpected bills to pay :) JNS Synthetic Red Aoto price: -Inside Australia...
  4. Garner Harrison

    WTS Hideriyama

    Hello, Looking to sell my Jnat Hideriyama as its a bit too hard for my taste. Its a finer and harder stone then the usual Hideriyama's, the hardness ranges somewhere from Medium to Hard and the grit is around 8000-10000. It provides a very fine edge with a nice amount of bite, I got the best...
  5. Garner Harrison

    My feeble attempt at polishing!

    Hey guys! So I was using my Mazaki and wasn't too happy with the edge it came with so I wanted to sharpen it, But to sharpen it I need to take from the sides as its being ground to be sharpened via the hamaguri technique. Ill be posting here my journey of trying to polish/sharpen the knife and...
  6. Garner Harrison

    Hamaguri technique help!

    Hello guys, just me again asking for some help. On a previous thread I was enlightened on the ways of the Hamaguri sharpening technique and watched Jon's video from JKI and began my journey. So this is my first attempt at it with my completely stainless knife, which I later regret... This is...
  7. Garner Harrison

    Wide bevel knives

    Hey! Im not sure if I should be doing the, "Which knife should I buy questionnaire" since I already have what I want pretty far narrowed down but here I go. I've been looking at a few wide bevel knives to buy but I cant really see that many indepth reviews on them. The knife I am looking at...
  8. Garner Harrison

    Received wrong order JNS

    Hey! So I received the wrong order from JNS, they have seemed to have confused me for a person with a very similar name which I found very funny. Although the part that isnt so funny is that Im not sure I can contact JNS since they seem to be on vacation. So what do I do? Email the person that...
  9. Garner Harrison

    Beginner to polishing and natural stones

    Hey! I haven't active here long but Ive been lightly lurking for a few weeks now. I got most of my advice and information on stones for a kasumi finish here. After looking around at the various stones I settled on the JNS 800/6000 with the JNS synthetic Red Aoto since I heard the 800/Red...
  10. Garner Harrison

    Hey from Australia!

    Just introducing myself here as a fellow knife nut, here to talk about knives since everyone else I know is sick of hearing about them from me. I got into knives recently as I got a job as a Kitchen hand which catapulted me into the world of knives when I was shopping around and not only that...