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  1. JoBone

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Hello, I am selling a batch of knives to fund buying a few higher end knives. Please consider adding these to your collection. I can send additional photos at your request. Price includes shipping to CONUS 1) 210 Kikuichi Swedish Warikomi Damascus Price 250 - retail 300-350 Purchased...
  2. JoBone

    SOLD Old profile Yoshi Mazaki KU 210

    I’m more than a little reluctant to sell this, but I just committed to purchasing another knife on BST and hope to use the funds for that. I purchased this a few months back under the premise of BNIB. As the seller was reselling a collection from someone who passed away, there is no way for me...
  3. JoBone

    Mammoth tusk handle

    So psyched about this one. I started making handles after seeing a Delosso tooth handle and I wanted to make one myself. Over the last year or so, I’ve tried acquiring the skillset needed to make one. This is tusk, not tooth, but it’s really where I want to be with my hobby.
  4. JoBone

    Knife buying in Japan

    Hello, There have been a couple threads that have helped on this, but they don’t answer my particular question. I will be in Japan for a couple weeks with my family, which will include a day trip to Takefu, maybe visit TF. However, my ideal purchase is a Shig, Kato or Hinoura while there. Any...
  5. JoBone

    Handle in progress

    Hello, I’m in the middle of a couple handles and thought it would be fun to show the work. For this project, I am working with Ed, who has a couple knives he wants handles for. After a brief discussion, he decided to order some wood and have me work on it. The first phase included a lot of...
  6. JoBone

    Wa handle question

    hello, When using a cut dowel method, what width do people cut the slot in the dowel and how wide do you make the tang hole? I am using a 1/2” dowel with about 4mm cut Thanks, Joe
  7. JoBone

    Stabilizing question

    Has anyone worked with Pyinma before? Seems boarderline with me on needing stabilizing, but would like to hear from others. Thanks
  8. JoBone

    Hello from NC

    hello, from the piedmont area of NC. I have enjoy reading the forums for a while and I am glad to be here