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  1. mattrud

    WTS Carter, Tsourkan, Broadwell, and more

    A selection of knives that are just not getting used recently. Please note all Knives have been used in a professional environment but well taken care of. Most are quite old (I.E. before some of the makers went more mass production). All prices CONUS, deals on Local SF/Bay Area. If you...
  2. mattrud

    WTS Three Fish Handled Masamoto Knives

    240mm Carbon Gyuto $250 240mm Stainless Gyuto $250 270mm Carbon Sujhiki $250 All with custom fish handles. If you don't know who Fish is asked old school members. If you don't know fish then these likely do not have the level of sentimental value. These are all used in professional kitchens...
  3. mattrud

    Carter and Takamura

    240MM Carter white steel Sujihiki Stefan Handle, black mulga, horn, mammoth bark endocarp $800 Carter (SPF) 240mm Gyuto White Steel, from Carters original forge in US, 100% made by him. Leather Sheath Dessert Ironwood handle $1250 Custom Takamura 240mm R2 damascus Sujihiki...
  4. mattrud

    Carter, Rader, Takamura

    240MM Carter white steel Sujihiki Stefan Handle, black mulga, horn, mammoth bark endocarp $850 Michael Rader 8inch Chef's Knife 52100 Mustard Patina but wearing off, can be reapplied easily Cherry Display Box Cherry Burl and Cury maple handle $950 Custom Takamura 240mm R2 damascus...
  5. mattrud

    3 watanabe

    Just don't use them. All are barely used and sharpened a couple times. I honestly am not sure on pricing so feel free to shoot offers. All knives include conus. I am away so I won't be able to ship till next week. No trades, don't need more knives payment venmo or paypal (not sure if i...
  6. mattrud

    New toy

    Been a long time since I posted something. Also been a long time since I bought something but this little fella should be fun to play with
  7. mattrud

    Steak Knives

    what you guys got for me? looking for a set of ten. Max price $50 per. Functional, easy to maintain, look nice, but not too flashy.
  8. mattrud

    A little help

    So I am not around much these days. Just very busy working. But I am going to the Aspen food and wine festival next week and am having trouble deciding which of my knives to bring. Little help choosing?
  9. mattrud

    Jon, are you

    ready? Going to be a long weekend for us both.
  10. mattrud

    How do you store them?

    Your knives that is. I just moved and am thinking about putting something in that can hold my knives and sharpening gear as well as sharpen on top of. looking for thoughts and ideas. thanks
  11. mattrud

    Too busy to post more but......

  12. mattrud

    Knife giveaway contest
  13. mattrud

    Going to Toronto

    Any suggestions of what to do?
  14. mattrud

    When I am in LA

    What do people want me to try and steal from Jon's store. :running: Stoked to be coming out for a couple days. See you in a couple weeks!
  15. mattrud

    Buy My Stuff

    Alright it is time some stuff got moved. I don't use it. And if I don't use them I have no need to own them.... all prices are shipped (conus), will listen to trades. etc etc 310ish mm takeda suji $325 not used all that much, sharpened a couple times. I just don't use it. In grab...
  16. mattrud

    New toy....

    Teaser.... blackberry camera, sorry
  17. mattrud

    The drug, I mean knife dealer.

    Whenever one of my cooks need a knife they usually come ask me what to do blah blah blah. So I give them some advice and usually finish by writing down Jons number on some printer paper and say "Call this number, ask for Jon, tell him you work for me and he will take care of you." Jon expect...
  18. mattrud

    Occurred to me

    I brought my Kramer to work today. I don't give it a ton of use at work. Honestly just would never leave it here. Putting the whole visual aspect of the damascus aside it is the best performing knife I have ever used. Looking at all aspects of performance, f/f, blah blah blah it is the best...
  19. mattrud

    Calling out...

    TK and Oivind, I did a gallery. When are you two going to post all of your knives in one place? O yea, you to Colin. Let's go guys! :cop:
  20. mattrud

    mattrud's knives

    So these are knives I currently own. I have sold a good bit of them over the years as I stopped using them or no longer had a need for them. But I can post some old ones as well.... some inexpensive knives that became some sharpening projects.