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  1. StephanFowler

    Not a Knife but I'm proud as Heck

    9 months of soak time at 98.2F and a air quench followed by a short bath in medium warm water :doublethumbsup::rofl2:
  2. StephanFowler

    Not a Knife but I'm proud as Heck

    I know it's not a knife but I just had to share the newest addition to my family Say hello to my little girl Elin Anne Fowler was born on July-08-2012 8Lb 1Oz 20 1/2″ born at exactly 2:40 PM Mommy and Baby are home and happy
  3. StephanFowler

    Carpenter XHP?

    I can't speak to a comparison on cpm154 but I have a Les George folder in CTS-XHP that easily outperforms any other stainless I've ever used and I've had folders in- s90v s30v 154cm 440c (blech) and D2 (not a stainless I know, but kinda in the ballpark)
  4. StephanFowler

    Moritaka - how long?

    It's certainly possible to have hard and soft spots from the heat treatment. It's possible to overheat the steel so much as to lose carbon in a certain area of the blade, especially when working with something this thin. Grain growth from improper heat cycles could also lead to issues. but...
  5. StephanFowler

    Tape on blades

    yep, just don't leave the tape in place for long and you'll be fine. I wrap with paper and then tape. which is nice because it slides on and off so it's really just a temporary saya
  6. StephanFowler

    Stensils Fabricator

    there shouldn't be a whole lot of heat involved. how long are you going between degaussing?
  7. StephanFowler

    Balance Pionts

    One option for displacing epoxy is to stuff the void space with bamboo skewers which weighs much less than the same volume of epoxy. but really only a good idea if your filling the entire handle with epoxy
  8. StephanFowler

    Balance Pionts

    you would need some very very sophisticated equipment to find any difference in weight from one type of steel to another. the differences would be in the thousandths of a gram in most cases, due to the specific gravity of the alloying elements and their respective percentages. it really has...
  9. StephanFowler

    Testing Sharpness

    mostly a useless test but it's fun. I like to take a quarter sheet of newsprint, roll it in a tube about 2" diameter and try to slice it free standing off the edge of a table
  10. StephanFowler

    Tatara or Crucible?

    I've made a bunch of steel over the years using a Kodai furnace (scaled down version of a Tatara) I know Bill Burke has done a bunch over the years too. and from talking to him his process has been much more consistent than mine. you might ask him but I would say that bloomery steel has a much...
  11. StephanFowler

    Forge,Anvil,Vise,Drill etc

    it's not ruined but CERTAINLY compromised I wouldn't mind doing some light ornamental work or tweek some horseshoes with a setup like this, but for any serious forging I want a couple hundred pound anvil chained to a solid wood stump the "accepted wisdom" for anvil size is 8 to 10 times your...
  12. StephanFowler

    Forge,Anvil,Vise,Drill etc

    Actually these are VERY useable setups for someone who needed to travel with tools on horseback or carriage. you can do a lot on these teeny anvils if your patient. but a full time blacksmith would want significantly more substantial tools :viking::biggrin::viking:
  13. StephanFowler

    Overgrind Into The Edge

    The problem is moreso that when you sharpen the knife normally you will end up with an area of the blade that doesn't contact the board, and without correction it will just get worse and worse
  14. StephanFowler

    I haven't heard much about 1084 here.

    I've made a good handful of 1084 knives and would say that even with the added V of Aldo's 1084 they won't tend to get as crazy sharp as W2. and it will have a more aggressive burr and it's kind of a booger to get the burr to release.
  15. StephanFowler

    Fowler passaround Spoiler

    I hope Thanksgiving goes well for you Linda
  16. StephanFowler

    Proper way to do Kurouchi?

    i found vinegar to take too long and never really got it all off. I got some muriatic acid (pool supply store) and mixed it 1 to 3 with water takes two or three cycles soaking for 15 minutes and scrubbing with a wire brush to get all the scale off
  17. StephanFowler

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads

    sad thing is a HUGE percentage of the population feels that shaving is the standard test of sharpness. if it can shave then it's "sharp" .........
  18. StephanFowler

    Media Kobayashi

    when the water hits the steel at working temperature it creates a small steam explosion which blows the scale off of the surface.
  19. StephanFowler

    mono v clad; ground v forged

    one thought to consider is that the slightest flaw in the weld with San-Mai will act as a harmonic dampener. a good way to check a bar of damascus for solid welds is to hold it lightly 1/3 from the end and lightly "ring" the end of the bar with a hammer. It should produce a clear bell like tone...
  20. StephanFowler

    Media ugliest. knife. ever.

    The bad one's are EASY, I could knock one out in 10 minutes easily I'm still learning how to grind a good one but it takes me around 2 hours to really set the profile on a knife and get all of the geometry where I want it. then 3-4 hours to get it polished Stephan