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  1. cheflarge

    WTS HHH collection

    I will be listing my entire HHH knife collection, shortly. Unfortunately I have come down with unbearable pain with little or no hope for finding any relief. So will be selling everything in hopes of finding some help/relief.
  2. cheflarge

    WTS LAST CHANCE PRICE REDUCED: Masamoto Sohontan Kamagata Usuba

    195 mm, single bevel w/machi, 62 - 63 hrc, Kasumi with the best "stock" magnolia wood & buffalo horn handle I've felt. MASAMOTO SOHONTAN Saya included NEW PRICE: $300.00 shipping $20,00 CONUS only.
  3. cheflarge


    165 mm X 43 mm, "S" type proprietary stainless steel. "Custom" water Buffalo Horn scales with black & white liners. Nenox saya included. FINAL PRICE REDUCTION! Expires 1 week. Originally sold for $860.00. Acquired in a trade. !!! CUSTOM NENOX !!! $550.00 shipping $20.00 CONUS only
  4. cheflarge

    SOLD PRICE REDUCED: Masai Asai s/s clad Blue Super Nakiri

    168 mm X 48 mm, 63 - 64 hrc with Rosewood handle. Maker is deceased, value should increase. This is a great cutter! FINAL PRICE REDUCTION! Expires 1 week. NEW PRICE: $150.00 Shipping $20.00 CONUS only
  5. cheflarge

    SOLD LAST CHANCE PRICED TO SELL: Hideo Kitaoka Blue #2 Kiritsuke

    270 mm X 42 mm single bevel, 62 - 63 hrc, Hongasumi, Rosewood handle. FINAL PRICE REDUCTION! Will leave up for a week or so. See below for updated pricing. $175.00 Shipping $20.00 CONUS only
  6. cheflarge


    220 mm X 54 mm, 62 - 63 hrc with Western style frame handle in stabilized eucalyptus burl with black & white liners. FINAL PRICE REDUCTION. Good for one week. NEW PRICE: $250.00 shipping $20.00 CONUS only
  7. cheflarge

    Withdrawn Nenox, Kitaoka, Asai, Hsc III

    Going to pull this thread, created way to much confusion............. I will be posting knives individually. Selling a few more of the prized collection. New custom coming in......... First up: Nenox custom Yo deba. 165 mm, S-type proprietary stainless steel, "custom" buffalo horn handle...
  8. cheflarge

    SOLD Price Drop: TF, ASAI, MARKIN

    Selling off some of my prized collection. Have a couple customs due up soon & time for these ones to move on to someone who will get better/more use out of them. Have three sets of two. Would like to keep the sets together, but will sell separately. PayPal, CONUS. Shipping will be via USPS...
  9. cheflarge


    Here's to hoping all my fellow knife nuts have great & wonderful day with family & friends! [emoji106] [emoji41]
  10. cheflarge

    Forced patina

    "Mountain Crest" mustard patina just applied to HHH nakiri. One of my most prized cutters! [emoji41]
  11. cheflarge

    WTS Mario 280mm Gyuto

    A beautiful piece from Mario Ingoglia in NitroV (aeb- l on steroids). His exquisite D shape handle in desert ironwood & oosik. Hate to let this one go, just don't use gyutos this size often enough to merit hanging on to. Hopefully someone will get better use out of it. Custom saya by BJE1...
  12. cheflarge

    WTS Vintage Sabatiers

    Two vintage Sabs for your consideration. Both have been in my collection for over thirty years. Original carbon steel, distal taper, integral bolster & tapered tang. Knives have been re-profiled and re-handled by a forum member “craftsman.” Handles are oak with brass pins & a mosaic center...
  13. cheflarge

    Spring Cleaning: Moritaka, ZKramer, Miyabi Koh

    Time for a little spring cleaning/fundraising. • Moritaka 270mm Aogami Super K-tip Gyuto: New $275.00 Asking $225.00 Tip has been reground. Custom handle work by me. • Miyabi Koh 6 ½” Nakiri: New $139.95 Asking $110.00 New, minimum use. • ZKramer “Essential” 10” Chef’s Knife: New...
  14. cheflarge

    For Maboroshi no Meito Chefs Knife 180mm

    Really interested in trying one of the famous TF knives. I have a 270mm Moritaka k-tip gyuto in blue super, a 10" Zkramer essential in fc61, and potential other options if these don't suit for possible trade. Shoot me a message if any interest and for specs &/or pics. Thanks.
  15. cheflarge

    Keijiro Doi Hayate 300mm Yani

    Title says it all. For the amount I use this knife?????? Need to move it to somebody that is going to use it on a regular bases. This knife was originally Huw's. I was able to procure it a couple of years ago for a fellow chef. Turns out he did not use it (more of a 240 guy) much & I was able...
  16. cheflarge

    Mathews Monster 7.0 Compound Bow - Updated

    28 3/4 inch draw, 54 lb. draw weight. Monkey tails, super peep, custom bow equipment 3D XL site. Classic scope with Zeiss lense. Mathews rest. Stabilizer, string loop, everything included, ready to shoot. You need to supply arrows, release & quiver. Easily a $1,200.00 to 1,500.00 package...
  17. cheflarge

    190mm Scorpion Forge Ko Gyuto, 230mm Tansu Gyuto

    Two of my favorite knives!!! Don't want to sell them, however, lost my job and my wife just informed me that her car is undriveable due to metal on metal breaks. 1) 190mm Scorpion Forge Ko Gyuto: W2 steel, honyaki construction, buckeye burl dual tapered handle, hand stitched leather saya...
  18. cheflarge

    Heading to Charleston

    Looking for some quality food stops while in Charleston, SC this coming week. Replies are appreciated!!! :cool2: Thank you in advance.
  19. cheflarge

    White #2 Sakai Takayuki 195mm Usuba w/ Custom "Anton" Handle

    White 2 hagane, forged by Kenji Togashi (of Suisin Densho series fame) and finished by Yukinori Oda, both of whom are Sakai-area Certified Traditional Craftsmen.* Custom Karelian Birch handle w/ maple feral & end cap. Really, really like this knife, however, I am not a sushi chef so I just...
  20. cheflarge

    280mm Takeda AS Gyuto

    280mm "Oldie Grind" Takeda AS Gyuto with Mike Henry custom handle I hate to have to do this, only owned for a couple of months. After twenty two years, the wife lost her job, due to business closing. Gotta pay some bills, holiday season & all. Might be the best “prep monster” I’ve ever used...