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  1. J

    SOLD Kagekiyo Blue 1 Damascus Gyuto Black finish

    Hey guys, another cool one. This is a Kagekiyo 240mm Gyuto, but not just any Kagekiyo. I think this is everything you could ask for in a knife. Forged by Tanaka, sharpened by Nishida, suminigashi, blue 1, wide bevel, sweet custom handle, and a lacquer saya. Why am I selling this? Because I am...
  2. J

    SOLD 255MM Kono FM Dama Gyuto

    Hey guys this is a good one I have for you. Really don't want to let it go, but can't justify keeping it at the moment. This is a white 1 dama/suminigashi 255mm FM. Used about 5-6 times. Has a very nice stable patina from cutting a few roasts. Never touched a stone. Not sure if I would classify...
  3. J

    SOLD Konosuke FM Blue 2 255mm Gyuto

    Regrettably letting this one go. Brand new, Ebony and laurel handle. From latest CKTG drop. Expected I would use it but realized it doesn't make sense when I own the same knife in damascus(got excited for the drop and didn't have a "plain" FM gyuto.) and would rather pay my credit cards. $575...
  4. J

    WTB 180MM Suiboku Nakiri

    If anyone has one let me know, not super particular on the steel on this one.
  5. J

    SOLD Y. Tanaka Blue Super Gyuto "So-Ten" 210mm

    Hey guys got a nice one today. Kasumi finished Tanaka Aogami Super gyuto. Only reason I am letting this go is I have a 240mm of the same knife, and I just bought a tetsujin 210mm so trying to get rid of some redundancy. Standard sakai stuff on the measurements about 203mm edge, 47mm heigh, 180g...
  6. J

    Vintage Carbon Kanji

    Hey guys just curious on kanji for my kagekiyo vintage carbon. I believe front is gesshin kagekiyo (not positive though) and no idea on back. Any help is appreciated!
  7. J

    SOLD Kagekiyo Gyuto Sale

    Hey guys, letting 2 Kagekiyos go for now since I picked up a lot of stuff on black friday. These come direct from japan and one of them is a japan only knife from the looks of it....can't find one for sale anywhere. These are both brand new, never touched food. First: Blue 2 full kasumi gyuto...
  8. J

    SOLD Y. Tanaka Aogami SUPER Kasumi Gyuto w/custom handle

    Hey guys I have a gorgeous one today. This is an unused Sakai Kikumori Tanaka Super 210mm Kasumi Gyuto. There is a small snafu, there are a couple scratches near the neck on each side. Long story short...don't let family handle your knives if they do not understand the value. I spent 5 minutes...
  9. J

    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama FM 210 B2 Gyuto

    Hi guys, up for grabs is a sweet one, an FM blue 2 gyuto, 210mm. Story behind this piece is I got it used, and the seller described it as mint. Unfortunately he lied and looked like he took a buffer to it to remove some patina, had tons and tons of swirl marks. I took it upon myself to try and...
  10. J

    SOLD Hitohira Tanaka x Kyuzo B1 240mm K tip Gyuto

    Hi guys, you know the story, overbought way too much so need to let this one go. This is a super cool S type Tanaka x Kyuzo 240mm K tip gyuto in Blue 1. Little bit of a more aggressive profile than a traditional k tip. Very light and nimble feeling with the yakusugi cedar handle. Has not even...
  11. J

    SOLD Nigara 180MM SG2 Dama Bunka W/Pie Handle

    Hey guys, I have quite a few santoku/bunka so thought I would throw one up and see what happens. This really is a gorgeous piece with Nigara's signature anmon damascus. SG2 core. Pretty sharp out of the box. Used no more than 3-4 times. Custom Pie Cutlery box elder burl dyed handle. Looking...
  12. J

    WTS Naniwa Super Stone Sale

    Hey guys, letting go of some of my Naniwa Super Stones. Would like to sell as a set first if I could, if it doesn't sell quick I will consider separating. 1. Naniwa Super 800 2. Naniwa Super 3000 3. Naniwa Super 8000 They all have almost all of their life I'd say. They have never been...
  13. J

    SOLD Delbert Ealy 250MM Damascus Gyuto

    Hey guys, I went on an overbuying spree again so this bad boy has to go. Been used to prep about 3-4 meals with it, It's a triple damascus with O1, L6, and 15n20, hardened to 62 HRC. Has a dark etch, with what looks do be a very nice (maybe hand?) satin underneath the etch. Screenshot of full...
  14. J


    Hi, glad to be here. Home cook that started collecting about a year ago. In the collection I have a Hinoura Santoku, a Carter Muteki Wabocho, a Kramer/Zwilling Carbon Chef knife, a Saji Rainbow Gyuto, and a Miyabi Birchwood pairing. The kramer is getting a custom handle, but here is a picture...