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    Paul Revere Copper cookware

    Ran across a set of copper cookware from someone on facebook market. The set belonged to the guy's grandfather and he isn't sure what it is. After looking around the net I think it is paul revere copper, from an early production run. Around 50 years old, if I am correct. SS fused to copper...
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    Recommendations for West Palm Beach FL?

    I'll be heading to West Palm Beach FL next week for work training. I am looking for some recs on decent food in the area if anyone has any of note. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Jared
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    Oven Locked shut during self cleaning

    So I ran my self cleaning oven over the weekend, it was really cold so extra heat from that was easy to adsorb. Now the lock will not disengage, I have flipped the breaker for half an hour and restarted and stopped the cleaning cycle to no avial. Has anyone had success using a coat hanger to...
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    Digging with a shovel is hard work

    I needed to tell someone besides my wife and friends. Digging up old downspout lines that no longer function is not a fun week. Just me and my shovel. Around 2/3 done, I need to get it finished so I can install the new 4" PVC. I called 3 places with no return call, next door...
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    Leaky Shower covered by Home owners?

    I was wondering if you guys have ever had a shower leak and filed a claim. I have that and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on things to do or avoid. I have read my policy alot and I am still unsure as to if I will be covered. I plan on getting them out next week but I'd like...
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    weekly meal planning

    Anyone have any decent resources or ideas for weekly meal planning. I usually cook really great food on the weekend and during the week eat cereal and eggs and the like for dinner. I have always done that kind of stuff. Not uncommon is peanut butter and crackers with a cappuccino. My wife is...
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    Pantry Organization

    Anyone have any tips for this? Thought about some OXO containers and a couple of step sets, but am open to suggestions. That is pretty tall, first and second row I can reach easily.
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    Hood and Gas Range cleaning?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a trusted resource on how to clean and maintain a hood and gas range? I have never had each and plan to read the manuals for each but a nice video or article would be a great reference. I know a number of you have alot of experience with these items and...
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    WTS Compak k10 WBC espresso grinder

    I have a compak k10 that I will shortly need to let go. We will be moving and I will need a more home friendly unit. I thought I'd ask here before I put it on the coffee forums. I really like the grinder it makes great coffee. The grinder is around 3 years to me and I bought it off a guy...
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    Thermador Range and kitchen aid proline in new home

    I am currently looking at a new home and the kitchen is pretty nice. It has kitchen aid proline appliances and a Thermador range. It has a nice looking hood but I didn't check the brand on it. I was wondering if anyone can give me opinions on that stuff if they have experience with it...
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    New HVAC unit upstairs

    So earlier this week my upstairs HVAC unit went dead. I got the first quote in for a Trane, the cheapest option of compressor and air handler was over 6000. Does this seem correct or is that high? I am going to get a couple of more estimates but man that is alot of cash. At least it happened...
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    Cheaper finishing salt?

    Does anyone know of a place that sells finishing salt for a decent price. I have been buying some here and there but I'd like to buy 4-5 kinds and not spend a fortune. I know its specialty so it's gonna cost but figured I'd see if anyone has seen something I have not. Thanks
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    Sean Brock Heritage

    Did anyone buy Heritage? I was going to get it as I enjoyed Husk when I went, and his cornbread recipe is my favorite cornbread ever but upon further reading it seems like mostly just an idea book. Hard to find ingredients and 3 day preps. I was wondering if anyone has it and could speak on...
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    Garage garden

    I am thinking about grabbing myself a tiered stand and a couple of fluorescent lamps and putting some herbs in my garage this winter. Does anyone do this? I am looking for setup ideas or other cool stuff I could grow. I was also wondering about the time commitment if anyone has experience...
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    Canned plum tomatoes opinions

    I have been reading up on opinions of brands of Italian plum tomatoes san marzano and Italian style for use in marinara sauce. I have used a lot of brands from store brands up to pricey tomatoes and I can't really tell a big difference. While reading I saw the guys over at the pizza making...
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    Recs for Savannah?

    I am heading to Savannah GA next week. Looking at making reservations this weekend for dinners, any places that I must try? Thanks Jared
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    Any use a gravy separator?

    I have been doing a fair amount of braises recently and I was wondering if anyone would recommend grabbing a gravy separator or if I should stick with a spoon or ladle to remove the fat. I was just wondering if these things are worth having around and if you guys use or have recommendations if...
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    Sous Vide Sous Vide Demi for $199

    I thought I'd pass this deal along it is good until the 9th. I thought about grabbing one so I can do two temps at once but held off. Link here
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    Anyone tried the Rancho Gordo Beans?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried the heritage beans they sell at RG. I eat alot of beans in the late winter through fall and I was wondering if these would be worth a splurge. I usually eat the $1 /lb bags at the local grocer. Sometimes I grab some organic at WF which require less sorting...
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    Cool stuff to do in a iSi Siphon?

    I just picked up a iSi Whip for Christmas. I got 50 N20 Carts with it and I plan on buying some CO2 shortly. I was wondering if anyone cared to share cool techniques or things they have made in theirs. I found the creamright store/blog which has a bunch of ideas and chef steps offers a class...