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  1. JohnnyChance

    FYI Enjoy!
  2. JohnnyChance

    WTB 210mm Stainless Gyuto

    Looking for a 210m range stainless or stainless clad gyuto for a friend. Sub $200 budget. Let me know what ya got. Wa handle, light weight preferable.
  3. JohnnyChance

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    Quicklist + Pricing: Gesshin Heiji Gyuto - $400 Gesshin Heiji Petty/Suji - $350 Gesshin Kagekiyo Petty/Suji - $400 HHH Chef - $450 Tojiro ITK Bread + Munetoshi Butcher - $175 +$20 insured CONUS shipping, international available at extra cost Details: Gesshin Heiji semi-stainless 240mm Gyuto...
  4. JohnnyChance


    Been awhile. What's up?
  5. JohnnyChance


    I moved from CT to NOLA about 2.5 years ago. It was supposed to be for like 2.5 months. Only brought my work kit with me. Back at my parent's now to bring some stuff back to my new home. A bunch of clothes, shoes, misc crap, whiskey and all of these guys. Reunited and it feels so good.
  6. JohnnyChance

    Cautionary Tale

    Posting this to get feedback from other vendors who may have read Marc's "Cautionary Tale" thread about his dealings with Dave. I am considering removing the thread as I believe Marc's claims are unfounded and axe grinding. As all/most/some of you have been subject to member scrutiny that...
  7. JohnnyChance

    FS: Heiji, Mizuno, Itinomonn

    Good news! I quit my job. F that s. Taking the summer off, going to travel a bit and stage along the way. Anyone need a free set of hands for a few days? Travis, Marc.... Anyway, I have a pile of knives. I have settled into a pretty good rotation and these just don't see the use they...
  8. JohnnyChance

    Looking for Heiji, Gengetsu or Yoshikane

    Looking for any of these gyutos with 240-250mm edge length (closer to 250 the better) and san mai with semi-stainless core steel. Prefer wa burnt chestnut handles. Would also be interested in a Yoshikane slicing cleaver.
  9. JohnnyChance

    Upcoming Trips - Chicago & LA

    I will be hitting a few cities in the next couple months including Chicago (Aug 12-21) and Los Angeles (Aug 29 - Sept 2). If you are in either area and would like to meet up or suggest someplace to visit, let me know.
  10. JohnnyChance


    Some stuff I have cooked or are related to cooking: Candy stripe beets Our line Squash blossoms Chicharrón Pork belly, pulled pork, asparagus, beet slaw
  11. JohnnyChance

    Media Blonde Appreciation Thread

    Ferrules, of course. Post yours here. A few of mine, which I used all on the same day last week at work and thought of starting this thread. Marko Tsourkan gyuto in 52100 wearing domestic cow horn ferrule, nickel and koa. Konosuke Fujiyama petty/suji in White #2, ebony and marble...
  12. JohnnyChance

    Looking for 150mm Petty

    Looking for a coworker. Wa or Yo, Carbon or Stainless. Not sure what his budget is, but I am going to guess it is less than what mine normally is.
  13. JohnnyChance

    F/S: Gengetsu, Takeda, Pierre, Del

    Sorry for the picture quality, cellphone and the lighting wasn't cooperating. Can get more tmrw. All prices include shipping and paypal fees. These don't get much use and I would rather have them get some use than not. If I have any original boxes for these, I have no idea which ones they...
  14. JohnnyChance

    Bon Appetit 20 Most Important Restaurants 2013

    Congrats to Mattrud and the rest of the people making up Chang's empire as Momofuku takes the #1 spot.
  15. JohnnyChance

    Japan Residents?

    Is there anyone out there who lives in Japan that could help me with a non-knife (other collection/obsession) related purchase/transaction? Pretty simple, the company just doesn't ship to the US. Thanks!
  16. JohnnyChance

    My Gastro-Tour of Chicago 10/7 - 10/9

    For my birthday this past August, my girlfriend bought us plane tickets to Chicago. I have never been, she has only been briefly and we are both interested in the food industry/scene in Chicago. So off we go. We really wanted to go to Alinea and didn't have tickets. I was at work when they...
  17. JohnnyChance


    I always enjoy a nice charcuterie plate when I go out for dinner and at my current job, I get to contribute to ours. We used to have a pretty standard and simple rotation of items, but I have a pretty long leash for interesting side projects so I have been trying to up our charcuterie game. I...
  18. JohnnyChance

    KKF Butcher Knife Set Prototypes

    Just kidding! Dave is still working on those...but my set is done. :D I got tired of waiting so I ordered my own, one from Michael Rader and one from Pierre Rodrigue and they both ended up being finished nearly at the same time. The Rader is the aforementioned 12" W2 hollow ground...
  19. JohnnyChance

    Shun Blue

    From Chris Cosentino's Twitter: Shun Blue. Shun knives, made out of unspecified Blue steel, in a japanese yet slightly westernized design. Also, nickel plated (it appears), because everyone loves shiny things. The "pasta knife" modeled after a sobakiri should be a hot seller at Williams &...