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  1. dreamsignals

    Project knife ID and advice

    Hi all, A friend of mine's dad gave her a set of japanese kitchen a few years ago and told her to take care of which she responded by keeping them in the a drawer and not using them at all. A couple of months ago I got her and her husband started with a 3-piece Tojiro DP set, and...
  2. dreamsignals

    Tojiro DP is not what it used to be?

    So, a while back JCK stopped carrying Tojiro DP. Not sure why, just read the fact somewhere. Anybody? Yesterday I was at Korin and they told me they also stopped carrying it, because the master felt their quality had gone down since they started mass producing and didn't feel comfortable...
  3. dreamsignals

    help identifying chinese teas

    can anybody identify these teas based on the pictures? thanks! 1) looks and tastes like green tea 5) small yellow flowers 8) long green leaves, very sweet
  4. dreamsignals

    Blue Aoto vs Green Brick

    So, my trusted king 1000/6000 fell into the sink and broke. I'm thinking bester 1200 and either blue aoto or green brick to replace it and be my new sharpening setup. i don't want more than 2 stones for now. i'm mostly concerned about the upkeep of my gyutos, as i don't use my single...
  5. dreamsignals

    looking for permasoakers

    so i was just stone-browsing and as i looked a different brands, grits, sizes (all synthetic) i wondered which ones i could just permasoak. right now i only have a king 1k/6k and am looking to get both something rougher and something in between, and i really like the idea of just leaving them in...
  6. dreamsignals

    man, this was fast or what?

    i feel like it's only been a couple of days since i got the invite and this thing is already at full speed with hundred of posts! in any case, glad to be here, even if a little late. -thiago