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  1. UnConundrum

    Governmental nightmare --- CDC prepares for zombies

    :eek2: I don't even want to comment..... CDC on being prepared for zombies
  2. UnConundrum

    Time to make Friday night plans - ECG

    Traditionally everyone traveling from out of town gets together Friday night at the Savory Grille. Its a very nice restaurant with a screened in porch area. I need to make reservations well in advance for a group our size, so I need a head count. Who wants to join us? Restaurant URL is...
  3. UnConundrum

    I need some suggestions, quick.

    I'm off to the first BBQ competition for the season tomorrow, and desert is one of the items on my list. I'm going to make a yeast raised coffee cake that usually does pretty well for me. It's rather unique. My problem is that submission is in a standard styrofoam box, in which the slices...
  4. UnConundrum

    Offshore programmers

    I know there's a few techies here... I was wondering if anyone has any experience in hiring offshore help? I find myself in a position where I need help but can't afford the local going rate. While I would much prefer to hire local, the price difference is sufficient to kill the project...
  5. UnConundrum


    Watching a cooking show this week, my mother asked me what ciabatta was. Figured I'd show her. Menu tonight is a hunk of ciabatta with some freshly smoked turkey breast (the turkey is currently on my BGE), Muenster cheese, cole slaw and maybe some tomato. Here's the bread that just came out...
  6. UnConundrum

    That time of the year. ECG Anyone ??

    It's time to start thinking about an ECG. From my preliminary inquires looks like May 28th might be the best day. Anyone interested?
  7. UnConundrum

    The big 200

    I see we passed 200 members. Congrats Dave.