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  1. monty

    My blade scratch repair and polish work

    Nice job. Thanks for the idea. Hope you don't mind if I borrow it :)
  2. monty

    Naniwa aotoshi technique

    Do you think it would be enough to simply slow down a bit so that you can anticipate when you are about to dig into the stone? I have a SS 10,000 and that's what I had to do on that stone. It revealed quite a bit about how much I was "waving" the knife when I sharpened and other stones simply...
  3. monty

    Which stone to follow the chosera 1000

    Here's another vote for Suehiro Rika 5000x. By far my favorite - -probably because I love the way the stone lets you read what's going on. That color is really reactive. I'm sure that's nowhere near the most informed reason to favor a stone, but it's all I got :)
  4. monty

    Gesshin 5k

    I'm not trying to low ball you, but I can manage $50 (if that includes shipping). I understand if you'd like to give folks a chance to meet you at your asking price, so consider this offer a safety net. I'm sure you'll get what you asked originally :) PM if you are interested.
  5. monty

    Any thoughts on my technique?

    I wonder if any of you would give this video a try and let me know if you see any major problems with my technique? The angle of the video may be awkward, but I hoped to get a side view so that I can keep track of any wobble. also, that's the only way I can position my iPad without some special...
  6. monty

    Some new thoughts on a brisket edge

    I supposedly only turned in 5 rib bones instead of six because two bones were held together by a small thread of meat. I'm not sure that's possible given the way I present ribs, but there's no use in arguing with repes. As for the bark, I wouldn't call it a char because I used indirect heat, but...
  7. monty

    Some new thoughts on a brisket edge

    Pretty rough. I got Reserve Grand Champion at my last comp and I was feeling pretty confident. I got DQd on my ribs on a technicality (totally my fault, a rookie mistake) and it all kind of fell apart. Humility is a hard dish to eat, but it's got its own nutrient that makes you stronger :) I...
  8. monty

    Some new thoughts on a brisket edge

    I competed at the Minnesota State BBQ Championship this last weekend and to my surprise I had a much tougher bark on my brisket than I am used to. Rather than use my scalloped Wusthof slicer to get through the bark I decided to use my Tojiro suji (sharpened to 8000x then stropped). I managed to...
  9. monty

    Travel knife?

    I'm with you, Drinky. My 8" Forschner never leaves my bag. Here's what's in my BBQ bag 8" Forschner Tojiro Suji Misono Swedish suji (240mm) Konosuke (sp?) petty Wusthof 10" chef's knife wusthof poultry shears idahone rod A couple of white handled Baker's and Chef's cheapos for...
  10. monty

    More on the the Grind....

    Dave, do you try and conform your grinding to the existing bevels, or do you essentially blend them all together as a result of the grinding process?
  11. monty


    Happy birthday, Dave! I am sending you brisket and pork vibes from Iowa. Next time I come to Fleetwood I'll bring the real thing :)
  12. monty

    Help a young chef find new knives!

    I'm not meaning to be a shill for Jon, but I'd recommend calling him before you spend any money. In my experience he won't sell you something you don't need and I suspect he can get you some awesome knives for much less than you have budgeted. Even if you...
  13. monty

    Sharpening Station

    I put a towel under and over an $.89 brick. Gives me knuckle clearance and the towels catch any residue. I never thought to ask my wife her opinion on the matter! :)
  14. monty

    Sharpening tips for a newbie

    Sounds to me like you are doing pretty good. Tips, like anything else, come with practice and it sounds like you'll have them conquered in no time.
  15. monty

    Review of JKI, Japanese Knife Imports

    Glad you had a good experience. I have the same petty and it's awesome!
  16. monty

    Tip Problem

    I spent a day at Dave's shop and he helped me out on tips a lot (I'm trying to give credit where credit is due). The technique he taught me has completely changed the look of my bevel under magnification and it has helped me produce really good working tips - which is what really matters. I...
  17. monty

    Looking for a 400-700 grit stone

    I plan on getting a Gesshin 400x, but the chosera is awesome as well. Good to know you won't go wrong! :)
  18. monty

    The Grind

    I agree - no BS, just business. This has been helpful!!
  19. monty

    Harbor Freight Belt Sander

    Good to know!
  20. monty

    Harbor Freight Belt Sander

    Read through this thread Dave posted a picture of how he mounted his. That might work for you.