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  1. Chang

    SOLD Takamura 210mm Uchigumo Gyuto

    Have been on the fence about posting this, but I just got sodomized by US customs department so I need some funds. This is a Takamura Uchi that I got direct from Japan with the help of another KKF’er that lives there. Found it randomly in a hardware store. I had Sean swap the scales out for...
  2. Chang

    WTB 300mm Dammy Yanagiba/Older Mazaki Single Bevels/Yanick Damascus

    Just wanted to put all my wtb's in one thread. 1.) Before I grab new, just wanted to first see if anyone here had a 300 dammy yanagi to offload to me, preferably blue 1, but i'll take a look at whatever you got. 2.) Lookin' for any pre-2020 Mazaki single bevels, I saw this Mioroshi and I...
  3. Chang

    SOLD Marko Tsourkan 200mm 52100 San-Mai WH Petty

    I’m going to really regret this, but I don’t use this baby enough and would rather this be used instead of sitting around looking pretty. Pretty rare for a Marko, since it’s san mai instead of mono. Steel was laminated by Devin Thomas. Never sharpened. Extremely nimble and sturdy for a petty...
  4. Chang

    SOLD JNS Red Aoto

    Original Link For Reference Catch and release. Used it to sharpen one knife and realized it’s not for me, so my loss is your gain. It’s pretty much brand new. Comes with the original box. Price: $85 shipped obo, USA PREFERRED (international, let’s talk in the DM’s)
  5. Chang

    Withdrawn Yanick Damascus

    Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, lookin' for a Dammy Yanick, preferably a gyuto or yanagiba, but I'll consider anything. I have a bunch that I can trade, or cash money. I will definitely make it worth your while.
  6. Chang

    SOLD Mazaki 210mm K-Tip Gyuto

    Catch and release. Used this for like two meal preps. Back in November, Ikkyu ran out of the 240’s, so I grabbed this, but I managed to snag a 240 from the recent restock. Thus, this 210 is kinda redundant and that’s why it’s up for grabs. Never sharpened, edge has plenty of life left, it can...
  7. Chang

    Withdrawn CCK Lil Rhino or Kai Kong Chopper

    Anyone want to move a CCK Lil Rhino or a Kau Kong Chopper before I just grab new? Lmk!
  8. Chang

    WTS 240mm Birgersson Blades Gyuto

    Catch and release custom from Bjorn. Cut a single potato to test the grind, no patina though. Unsharpened, basically brand new. His bevel finish has definitely improved since the last time I had one. Specs: 246x60 231g Mild Steel Warikomi Cladding “High Carbon Silversteel” Core Bocote...
  9. Chang

    Withdrawn Chang’s “Is That Wood Or Are You Happy To See Me?” Sale

    Have a couple blocks that I’m probably not going to get to use, so up for sale they go! First is a huge block of Tasmanian Blackwood, stabilized, 7.4”x 3.4”x 1.5”. Insane, tight curls. Enough for 3 handles, 4 if you can squeeze it. $125 SOLD Second is a block of ironwood burl with sapwood...
  10. Chang

    SOLD 210mm Mazaki AS Hon-San-Mai

    Brand spankin’ new, catch and release from KnS, here’s the original link with all the specs: Just not for me. I had the 225 as well and tried it, steel...
  11. Chang

    WTS 7+ Misc. Handle Package

    These handles have just been sitting in my desk drawer after being knocked off of other knives. Figured I might as well sell ‘em off. All measurements are in mm, first is the length, then the height and width at the beginning of the handle. If you need more measurements/pics/vids, please let me...
  12. Chang

    SOLD Chang’s “Needs More Cowbell” Sale

    “Easy, guys. I put my pants on just like the rest of ya, one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.” First up for sale is a 225mm Troopah W2 Honyaki Gyuto. Got this 2 years ago’ish, while Malachi was still in his early stages, it came pretty thick, so I had Kasumi Kev...
  13. Chang

    SOLD Chang’s “Diversify Your Bonds” Sizz-ale

    Step into the 36 chambers, for I have two stunning knives for sale! C.R.E.A.M. First up is a catch-and-release, a 210mm Merion Forge K-tip Gyuto/“Bunka”. I got this in two weeks ago. I asked Dominik to make me a “thinner” little bro for the 240 dammy clad yo gyuto he made me a while back, so...
  14. Chang

    SOLD Tsourkan 225mm 52100 WH Gyuto

    I really don’t want to list this, but I have some big purchases coming up and I have to put one knife up on the chopping block. After a process of elimination (drawing straws), my Marko was selected to go… 😭😭 I’ll just flat out say it, Marko makes the BEST knives for professional use. His...
  15. Chang

    WTS Wood Blowout Package

    Need some funds and these have just been sitting, so I’m willing to cut an amazing deal for these. Ignore the prices in the video, for all three blocks, I’ll do $75 shipped obo. First up is a block of figured Myrtle, 10.5x3x1.15”. Perfect for a saya or 3-4 wa handles. Next up is a block of...
  16. Chang

    SOLD Takamura 210mm Chromax Gyuto

    Up on the chopping block is a 210mm Takamura Chromax Gyuto. This is my favorite “cheap/budget/beater laser” because the core steel resembles Aogami #2 yet it’s semi-stainless. I had bought one before, sold it, regretted it, and then bought this one again, lol. I’ve used this on the line...
  17. Chang

    WTB 180mm or 210mm Murata Gyuto w/ Yo Handle

    Lookin' for a Murata as a more practical polishing practice knife. I would prefer grabbing a 210, but if you have a 180, I'll consider it. Thanks!
  18. Chang

    Takamura Super GZ? Anyone know anything about this? Only could find one link to a Japanese shop that used to sell em, which is here:
  19. Chang

    SOLD Ohira Uchigamori

    Originally bought this from @nutmeg back in Jan/Feb. It’s a great stone, I just want to explore other jnats. Used sparingly. No cracks, sealed on the bottom only. Specs: 176x46x44mm 907g 3.5 Hardness Price: $240 obo, shipped via UPS, USA ONLY (international, let’s talk in the DM’s) What...
  20. Chang

    WTB 225mm Kipp Workpony

    If somebody has one of the 225mm 52100 Workpony's from his most recent batch and wants to let it go or trade me, lmk!