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    Is this knife I bought any good?

    Hi there, I posted this on reddit to figure out what it is, and Jon from JKI helped me figure out that it's from tsubaya. A 300mm blue 2 yanagi. Maybe it's a honyaki? Over here at KKF, I want to ask if what I got is anything decent, or nothing special? I got it in Tokyo when I was there many...
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    Wok burner in Europe

    Hi there, So I'm looking at getting into wok cooking, and there are some good resources and choices, but they are mainly in the US. Is there anyone here that has some experience with wok cooking in Europe? I want something that really cooks, not just a camping burner. I have seen this one in...
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    Knife Review - Verissimo knives Nakiri

    So, let's start with the specs (From the maker): 180mm nakiri 60mm heel height 2.8-1.5mm spine 219g Buffalo horn and indian rosewood handle, with a different take on the hierloom fit. 1.2519 high carbon steel, ~63hrc I saw @Vasco Veríssimo 's work on reddit, and the thing that drew me to it...
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi there, So relatively new to the knife world. Ex professional cook (sashimi restaurant - many moons ago), had a Masamoto deba in constant use, but I had no idea what steel it was. Grabbed a few yanagis on my trip to japan, looked at price and hand feel instead of maker/steel. Fast forward...