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  1. maxim


    Someone else has gotten two times cash withdrawals this month for Vendor subscription ?? Tried to Pm and email Austin but no reply :(
  2. maxim

    Ok i have to ask

    Ok this is privet so no members can see Can a member really be banned because he criticize other Vendor ?? Or just write what he see in the video ? I am just cures. Nothing personal was said in that thread Davin, but somehow bieniek got banned without a warning :scratchhead: I mean we...
  3. maxim

    Sous Vide Just Bought Steba

    Just Bought that one :D Seems super reasonable price for a Sous Vide And also can be used as electro pressure cocker witch i always wanted
  4. maxim

    Congrats Twistington

    Congrats Old Man :D :dance: Have :funfunfunfun:
  5. maxim

    Is it right ??

    Is it right ?? or should i start the study of all Knife makers here and make it public !
  6. maxim

    mobile web

    I am wondering how many use mobile view on websites, or anyone shop on they mobiles ? Basically i want to know should i make a mobile website in my store ?? :O
  7. maxim


    As you know this time when we went to Japan i visited very good Sword polisher well i think the best one in Japan. And i learnd quite a lot from him, first of all i did not know what real polish was hehe. It seems like his swords was just without any scratches at all. Every derection i looked...
  8. maxim

    multi cooker

    Anyone use here multi cooker ?? if so witch one you think is best ?
  9. maxim


    Ok it might sound silly but i have question :O Is magnets bad for knives ?? I try to google it but no info there Do they change something in steel at all ?
  10. maxim

    Understanding Limits

    I started to use Japanese Natural stones and rare knives because i wanted to know much more about them and wanted to share my knowlige. Starting of JNS website was mostly dived by sharing knowlige about Natural stones and make them more available for reasonable prises to us western costumers...
  11. maxim

    Good cutting board in EU

    Do we have any good sources for Cutting boards in EU ? I really want good cutting board but it seems like all good ones is in US and it will be kind of expensive to ship it from there :(
  12. maxim

    What do you eat today !

    As i do not work as chef anymore i geting bit fatter, i guess less movement and more unhalfy food make it difficult to stay in shape, so i start this thread and blog so i can keep track of what i am eating every day and also see what others here on KKF eat I try to make as many pictures as...
  13. maxim

    lol got smile on my face today :happy2: