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  1. swarfrat

    Show us your HiFi system

    Who made those sweet media racks?
  2. swarfrat

    New Kitchen - Cooktops From 2 different brands?

    Sorry, but the steamer really strikes me as being like one of the many "additional" knives that are included in a big set, something they throw in to make you feel better about getting more stuff. Is the reason you're getting such a deal on because nobody wants them and they can't move them any...
  3. swarfrat

    Confronting the cult of Cutco.

    Not really. Never put any serious effort into figuring them out. Diamond stones/toothy edge were functional enough.
  4. swarfrat

    Confronting the cult of Cutco.

    Well, I for one really, really miss our Cutcos's. My wife came from a Cutco family and brought them with her. I had Henkel's. They lived side by side for many years (before I discovered J-knives). The blended family worked. I used the Germans. She had all these different knives but only ever...
  5. swarfrat

    My parents want to buy an australian Shepherd

    It really comes down to energy, temperament and trainability. Are your parents trainable? Are they willing to learn what it takes to care for this kind of dog? Do they have the temperament to put the dog's needs ahead of theirs when it really counts? Do they have the energy to keep it up for...
  6. swarfrat

    bikes bikes bikes

    Looks awfully clean! 👍 Time to get it dirty!
  7. swarfrat

    Tour de France 2020

    Roglic sure had it rough in the Tour. A gold medal makes a nice souvenir for the summer.
  8. swarfrat

    This is the internet. Where are the cats?

    With four rescue cats, apparently I'm easy prey for small cats, too.
  9. swarfrat

    This is the internet. Where are the cats?

    Miss Z, doing what she does best, find the best sunny spot in the house and sleep. Picked up in a parking lot (like most of our cats), been in the family about twenty years.
  10. swarfrat

    Making Knives From Files

    That's it, from now on I'm reporting all temperatures in degrees Rankine.
  11. swarfrat

    bikes bikes bikes

    An expense I'll happily avoid. In half a century (time, not distance) of riding mechanically actuated gear changes, I've never had to recharge my cables before a ride or worry that I hadn't. And they've never lost power and defaulted to limp-home home in the middle of a ride. (I have, but not...
  12. swarfrat

    Wondering how deep I will run down this rabbit hole

    Welcom aboard, kijeremiad! Buttercup: "We'll never survive!" Westley: "Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has."
  13. swarfrat

    recognize the maker?

  14. swarfrat

    recognize the maker?

    When watching Americas Test Kitchen you generally see them using their recommended knives, Vic Fibrox, MAC mostly. But lately they've been doing ATK "At Home" where the film in the test cooks' home kitchens. So they're using their own tools, not the ones from work. In one episode Julia Collin...
  15. swarfrat

    Home audio in 2021?

    Speaking of downsizing, I've had this urge lately to put together a system with a sort of mid-century modern/Scandinavian minimalist vibe. Not that I have any place to put it, but I think it would go nicely in a condo or apartment. I'd build it around a PS Audio Sprout100 integrated amp and a...
  16. swarfrat

    Pepper Mill Suggestions

    Thanks, TheVincenzo!
  17. swarfrat

    Size Matters. Stock Pot Deep Thoughts...

    Ever since I read that Serious Eats article my pasta "pot" has been one of these.
  18. swarfrat

    Kitchen Renovation

    This was a few years back so everybody's price structures may be different by now. But at the time, IKEA was actually the most expensive of the stock suppliers I looked at. Some were of lesser quality (and immediately dismissed), but some appeared to be equivalent quality, similar materials...
  19. swarfrat

    Pepper Mill Suggestions

    Anybody recognize the coffee grinder AB is using for his pepper drill?