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  1. Tien

    WTB Bob Kramer FC61 and Meiji 8" or 10"

    Looking for some discounted FC61 and Meiji 8" or 10" as new year's gift for my relatives. Please PM if you got any laying around waiting for love.
  2. Tien

    SOLD Kochi 210 with Machi + Shigeki Tanaka 240 Nashiji Blue 2

    Hello everyone, I started collecting knives in 2019. Like many others, I have accumulated more knives than I have time to use and the storage for. I'm trying to let go of two knives in this post. JKI Kochi 東風 210mm V2 steel with Machi: $210 shipped CONUS (international undecided) SOLD I...
  3. Tien

    JNS Munetoshi vs JKI Kochi vs KNS Hinoura (KU Gyuto 210)?

    Trying to compare and decide on the 3 KU 210 gyutos. Anyone has anything to say about how you would compare these knives or makers?
  4. Tien

    WTB Mazaki Kasumi W#2 240 or 210

    Looking for Mazaki W#2 240 or 210 Kasumi, preferably the more recent batches (2019 - 2020) If you are feeling like letting yours go, feel free to pm me or comment on the thread.
  5. Tien

    Iron San-Mai or Honyaki for Gyuto?

    After owning a few san-mai construction knives with iron-clad and stainless clad, I am interested in getting into the realm of Honyakis. What I usually heard about true differentially hardened carbon steel Honyakis are words like 'brittle', 'chippy', 'expensive', 'show-off pieces', 'hard to...
  6. Tien

    Please help me decide on a kurouchi petty knife buy

    Since my acquirement of a Shigefusa KU santoku 165mm, I have found the utility of smaller knives. I am trying to get my hands on a petty in 150-165mm size for home use only. Unfortunately, I can't find a Shig petty on sale right now. I have nailed down my search to the following (please make...
  7. Tien

    WTB Looking for petty and cleaver

    I have collected a few mid-end Japanese knives including kono fujiyama gyuto, kono stainless sujihiki, and shig Kuro santoku. I am looking to complete my knife set with a nice petty and a cleaver. petty preference: I prefer R2/ginsan with stainless clad, Carbon with iron-clad, 130 - 180 mm...