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  1. captaincaed

    Unpopular opinions

    I like seeing speculators on BST. Lets me know who to ignore.
  2. captaincaed

    What is sharp?

    Really nice post.
  3. captaincaed

    For the love of cutting: a cut-vid thread for all

  4. captaincaed

    What is sharp?

    Awesome update. I've been through cycles like this too. Some more recently than I'd like to admit. (Last week)
  5. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    I feel the same, feels a bit in between. Leather case amends badly of tobacco. Toss.
  6. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    In the tradition of tagging along behind @cotedupy and @stringer …
  7. captaincaed

    What is sharp?

    You’re probably close; often the last 10% is the hardest, and the details aren’t explicitly talked about. Good luck, post progress! I loved the post title, forgot to say. It’s an excellent, simple, but rarely asked question. There’s some nuance to find when you ask it.
  8. captaincaed

    What is sharp?

    If your edge doesn’t last through home prep, it’s not deburred properly, unless you’re prepping for multiple hours. I had one knife that would not hold an edge for ****, but it was one of ~60 I’ve ever used. If it’s happening on three knives … it’s you. That’s a GOOD thing. You can always...
  9. captaincaed

    Nicest steel to sharpen?

    I have never liked a leather stropped knife edge. Ever. For exactly that reason. Maybe it makes sense if you’re sharpening up to 10/12k. Denim and chromox can sometimes help after a mid grit stone. I mostly use it with razors for complete deburring, but always finish on the stone after.
  10. captaincaed

    Why is everyone selling (buying too) 240mm Gyutos?

    classic demo of ergonomics also a reason convexity matters - yes you can pull the tip through to avoid sticking, but it’s not an efficient or ergonomic motion - when the grind is right, work is easier
  11. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    If I ever find one it's got your name on it
  12. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    What’s the ultimate piece?
  13. captaincaed

    Why do you hate santokus?

    Santokus (and nakiris) are like mopeds…
  14. captaincaed

    Why do you hate santokus?

    That’s a serbian cleaver
  15. captaincaed

    Why do you hate santokus?

    The look. The profile. The generally fat tip. The shortness. Because my friends will judge me. I feel small inside.
  16. captaincaed

    the grandiose synth kasumi thread

    What a triumph. Perfection is unattainable. In the corporeal interim, I think that’s something to be very proud of.
  17. captaincaed

    Nagura Question

    Yeah the binder for synthetic stones is pretty soft, so you won't be left with the scratch patten very long at all. Like, maybe 2-5" of sharpening. As your plate wears, this will be even more true. The small grooves can even help hold water on the surface, which will help loosen abrasive and...
  18. captaincaed

    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

  19. captaincaed

    Belgian Blue Whetstone

    Two stones! Slander, slander I say! Naw it’s true I’ve had some good fortune recently and I’m grateful for it. I’m actually starting to turn a few back into the wild. I’ve been using the Llyn Myrellen (can’t remember how to spell it) in the kitchen recently, and liking what I see so far...
  20. captaincaed

    Epicurean Edge in danger?

    Yikes. The muddy paths thru the fields outside Mandalay are wild too. They're basically muddy embankments lifted out of the marsh, only strong enough for a single horse cart. Not as scary, but slow going. Is it even possible to get to Kashmir these days?