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  1. JoBone

    Your personal experience with VG-10

    VG10 is a nice quality stainless when in the hands of a good blacksmith. Like another stated, I think the Echizen crowd knows what it is doing. That makes sense, since VG10 originated from there. There may be other stainless steels that are better, ginsan is really nice. Personally, I prefer...
  2. JoBone

    Cobalt Special Steel

    He did not state that it was easier. Also, it may not equate to less time or lower cost of materials. From my understanding, there is more time at the forge with his raijin line than the R2. I should have a 210 raijin coming in alongside one of the new Makoto’s VG10, I’m curious how the grinds...
  3. JoBone

    Cobalt Special Steel

    I asked a Takefu blacksmith that uses it. Edited response - cobalt special is the best for balance of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, grindability, workability.
  4. JoBone

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Pending - Kikuichi
  5. JoBone

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Sold - 240 Sukenari ZDP-189 Sold - 210 Sukenari Ktip HAP40
  6. JoBone

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Sale Pending - 240 Sukenari ZDP-189
  7. JoBone

    WTS kikuichi and Sukenari

    Hello, I am selling a batch of knives to fund buying a few higher end knives. Please consider adding these to your collection. I can send additional photos at your request. Price includes shipping to CONUS 1) 210 Kikuichi Swedish Warikomi Damascus Price 250 - retail 300-350 Purchased...
  8. JoBone

    PleAse I need Help to pick best Gyuto for a professional chef

    One at CKTG for $565 Mert Tansu 52100 Gyuto 230mm
  9. JoBone

    PleAse I need Help to pick best Gyuto for a professional chef

    Lots of good choices at that price and a Denka is a great choice. I would normally not be one to advise against a Denka, however you may consider supporting a local blacksmith. I think some tansu 240s are just under $600. theres at least one that I see online, but you can also try reaching out...
  10. JoBone

    T-F knives

    Three are all sorts of ebony, some are not even true ebonies. Wood shopping today I picked Gabon ebony, royal ebony, African Blackwood (some people claim as the original ebony), Indian ebony, Gombeira (Brazilian ebony, not a true ebony) and even 1 seriously rare piece of curly gabon ebony...
  11. JoBone

    T-F knives

    I think the Nashiji are made with a better steel now. They used to be W-1b, as opposed to W-1a. Hitachi no longer sells 1b, now there is only one W1
  12. JoBone

    T-F knives

    That is what I understand from corresponding with Gaku earlier this week, he stated - “Now they are unified into A. It means that the number of craftsmen who use (can use) Shirogami #1 has decreased” I think it’s a good thing, as it you now know what you are getting when you buy W1.
  13. JoBone

    T-F knives

    For the difference between the maboroshi and Nashiji, they used to use different W1 - 1a vs 1b, with a difference of .1% carbon. Hitachi has unified the steel and now there is just 1a. From what I understand, it is much more difficult to work than 1b, so there is a decrease in the number of...
  14. JoBone

    SOLD Old profile Yoshi Mazaki KU 210

    I’m more than a little reluctant to sell this, but I just committed to purchasing another knife on BST and hope to use the funds for that. I purchased this a few months back under the premise of BNIB. As the seller was reselling a collection from someone who passed away, there is no way for me...
  15. JoBone

    First nakiri recommendations

    Obviously, the Wat Pro is highly recommended. But if you prefer less than $200, there are plenty of good options. My first Nakiri was a Masakage Yuki, which is a mighty fine knife for the dollar. From the same area, Kurosaki KU AS line is also a good bang for the buck. For more cash, Toyama...
  16. JoBone

    Does Ebony Crack Easily

    I’ve used African Blackwood, Katalox, ziricote, real royal ebony, brown ebony, macassar ebony stripped ebony, white ebony (sap wood) and Indian ebony. They are all lovely woods, but there is something about jet black Gabon ebony that holds it dear in my heart. for splitting, I’ve made about 50...
  17. JoBone

    WTS Kurosaki Fujin 240 and Kramer Damascus 6"

    I thought it was etched, but it looks like I was mistaken.
  18. JoBone

    150mm Petty recommendation

    I’ve got a Mazaki 150, Tsukasa Hinoura 150 and a kohetsu 150 AS, as well as a number of other smaller petties including one JCK house brand. I love them all, with the Mazaki and Hinoura having a thicker, beefier feel. I tend to gravitate toward these. Both the JCK and Kohetsu AS are thinner...
  19. JoBone

    Where to get knife handle blank?

    All of the links mentioned are good, but it really depends on what you are looking for. I’ll also add cooks wood, west penn hardwood and bell forest products if you want to get 1.5” turning squares. btw, I think I’ve gotten items from all of the links mentioned above.