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  1. Chef Doom

    How are you coping? What are you doing

    What is going on with the KKF APP?
  2. Chef Doom

    How are you coping? What are you doing

    I recently bought an Xbox One and am currently looking for filun games to play. Doom 2016 is currently my go to for hours of entertainment.
  3. Chef Doom

    Preparing for COVID-19

    All you need really is a loaded shotgun, a freezer full of meat, a tub full of water and plenty of entertainment.
  4. Chef Doom

    Let’s see what your turkey carcass became!

    I am convinced 80% of the population doesn't really like turkey.
  5. Chef Doom

    What's in your freezer at home?

    Bison Beef Pork Chicken Hearts of various animals Bones Chicken Feet Sausages (for the sexual gratification) Fish Fat from various animals
  6. Chef Doom

    Is SHUN a Japanese knife?

    U.S Flags are made in China. Does that make it any less of an American symbol?
  7. Chef Doom

    BNIB knives??

    I have a machete for home defense/zombie apocalypse that has not cut anything yet.
  8. Chef Doom

    Help me complete my set

    As the Japanese say, gotta learn how to use the whole stone bro.
  9. Chef Doom

    Help me complete my set

    The only exception would be for a slicer dedicated to raw meat. I find the 4k or 6k works well.
  10. Chef Doom

    Help me complete my set

    I am Joe Biden and I approve of this message.
  11. Chef Doom

    Help me complete my set

    When it comes to fixing knives medium grit stones generally do not last long. JKI has some harder stones in 400 range...but it will cost you. My advice...start charging for your services and keep a "Stone Replacement" jar filled or stop helping people fix their knives.
  12. Chef Doom

    LaSeur Knives

    Never heard of this maker. How does his knives perform? Are they easy to sharpen? Thin or thick behind the edge? Soft or on the chippy side?
  13. Chef Doom

    gesshin ittetsu user experiences?

    I have a petty that I use when I need something smaller than a gyuto. I rarely use a parer except for say peeling potatoes. It's a good knife I would never sell.
  14. Chef Doom

    Help me complete my set

    What were you doing that caused the 400 to wear so quickly?
  15. Chef Doom

    Kitchen Shears: MAC KS-85 vs Tojiro-Pro FK-843

    What the hell do you use shears for anyways?
  16. Chef Doom

    Kitchen Shears: MAC KS-85 vs Tojiro-Pro FK-843

    I cannot tell a lie. Those cutco shears are classy. Never used them, but I highly recommended them. [emoji106]
  17. Chef Doom

    What kind of deal should I expect for Black Friday?

    I just found out my favorite strip club will have 3 for 1 dances on Black Friday. My cocaine dealer raises his prices unfortunately.
  18. Chef Doom

    Stropping on medium grit stones

    The only time I ever used oil stones was when I did not know how to sharpen. It was like the old guys that know nothing about car repair standing around the engine drinking beer talking about women and sports with a turn of the socket wrench from time to time. Eventually someone pours water...
  19. Chef Doom

    Chefs, who cooks at home?

    The general rule is to let steaks rest until brought to room temp but this is only effective with minimum 2.5 inch steaks. I find I like thinner steaks to be cold. Also been using ghee for the past few days. I like it. My place still smells like seared beef regardless hahaha
  20. Chef Doom

    Stropping on medium grit stones

    Where would KKF be without the regular thread hijacks? Besides, I stand by my opinion that jigs are not practical for most people. This is different if sharpening is your profession or if you have the dedicated space and time to experiment. I would never tell a person not to install a engine...