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  1. Cadillac J

    haven't purchased new knife in almost 2 years...but saw this and had to have

    As posted many times in the past, I love Fujiwara knives...currently own a 270mm suji and honesuki (FKMs), and previously had a 210mm gyuto and 240 suji (FKHs) that I sold long ago. They are my #1 recommended brand to people who are new, as they are a great bargain, and can take a beating...
  2. Cadillac J

    Bob Kramer was on this past week's Top Chef..sharpening skills test

    I am just watching this week's Top Chef on demand, when I noticed Bob Kramer standing their in their quickfire challenge. Their task is to sharpen dull knives on stones, and then perform some cutting tasks...winner gets a custom Kramer and immunity. Finally there is something related to...
  3. Cadillac J

    Let's see your EDCs

    I haven't purchased a kitchen knife in a while as I've been quite content, but I have wanted to pick up an EDC for some time. Figured I couldn't go wrong with the Spyderco Paramilitary 2--it is a great knife and the S30V steel is no slouch (but I wished the M390 version wasn't sold out). So...
  4. Cadillac J

    El Bulli documentary on Netflix streaming

    Pretty interesting watch to see the process that goes into the cuisine there. Adria reminds me of Dave Matthews' uncle.
  5. Cadillac J

    My first Masamoto

    Just opened up my Masamoto KS 300 yanagi, and I am wondering why it took me years to finally get a single-bevel. This thing looks and feels amazing, not to mention the fit and finish is beyond my expectations...thanks Koki. No point to this thread but to share some pics:
  6. Cadillac J

    270 Yoshikane Tamamoku V2 gyuto

    I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again: this knife has the best geometry that I've ever seen. The finish is amazing and the overall look is beautiful--so much so, that I have only used it to cut one thing to test it is an amazing cutter. This is really brand new with zero...
  7. Cadillac J

    What nationality(s) are you?

    I've always curious about people's backgrounds (not on the forums specifically, but in life in general), especially those who celebrate their nationality/heritage in some way. Polish(50%), Ukrainian(25%) and Scottish(25%) Our family only really celebrates the Polish side, as I grew up with...
  8. Cadillac J

    Relationship with your knives

    Was just thinking about this subject. All of this is directed mostly to home cooks or anyone who doesn't make their living in a kitchen. Since most of us have many more knives than we actually need, not to mention the impulse to continue buying, do we ever get enough quality time cutting with...
  9. Cadillac J

    What happened to me?

    I thought my need for more was over, but it looks like I was wrong. I thought my appreciation for gyutos had fully transitioned, but I must of been mistaken. I didn't think I would purchased a cladded knife again that wasn't a traditional single bevel...well, you get the picture. For some...
  10. Cadillac J

    Cutting/Sanding Sani-Tuff

    My Sani-Tuff hasn't got much use in the past two years, as I have two end grains sitting on my counter top that see almost all of the action. It is a 15x20 (3/4" thick) and I've been thinking of cutting down to make a more portable 12x15 board, and probably just using the remaining piece as a...
  11. Cadillac J

    Founding Members

    Although this might seem like a 'petty' (no pun intended :D) thing to point out, it made me curious enough to make a thread. What does the "Founding" title even mean? Because I've see some people who just registered two months ago and were brand new to the j-knife community, yet they have...
  12. Cadillac J

    Now that's a suji

    Jon spoke about this idea privately back in February,, but I completely forgot about it until just now when I went to check his site. Anyone looking for an awesome suji with a pimp handle better jump on this and tell me how it is. Also has the drop tip similar to the Kikuichi Elites....daddy...
  13. Cadillac J

    Kanehiro AS (Hiromoto wa-equivalent)?

    Has anyone heard of, used, or seen one of these in person? Just saw them on CKTG site as I didn't recognize the name, yet they aren't in the new arrivals section. They basically describe themselves as being wa-handled versions similar to Hiromoto AS knives. I remember a while back on the...
  14. Cadillac J

    Kono HD review from a white#2 whore

    So it has been a week with my 270 Konosuke HD suji now, and I think I’ve had enough time with it to make my personal comparison between the white#2 which I know and love. The HD steel felt really good on the stones, and although it didn’t quite have that refinement of white#2, it was...
  15. Cadillac J

    Knife Progression

    This is inspired by my response to jaybett's "what keeps you going thread" as it got me thinking. We are all at different stages of this 'hobby' of ours...some just opening their eyes to the world of j-knives and sharpening, others building their collections by trying every maker and style...
  16. Cadillac J

    JCK Kagayaki Cleaver

    Am I the first person to ever pick one of these up? I made a post a while back on the other forum about regrinding the profile to flatten it out a bit, so here are the results of this. Let me just tell you that it took forever to do by hand on my DMT XXC/XC…it took 3 separate occasions and I...
  17. Cadillac J

    All you Stoners out there...

    My recent response to Ryan's post about his thoughts on the Naniwa SS 10K being 'garbage' got me thinking a bit about some other things and made me want to start this topic, although only partially is related to that. This goes out to all you Stoners out there. In this case, a Stoner is...
  18. Cadillac J

    What up people!

    Just checked my email and saw the link from Dave to sign up. Is there going to be mods or is this going to be a free-for-all with swearing and naked chicks?