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    Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

    O sweet! That black chicken place was one that I missed on my trip! Reviews and comments would be appreciated!
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    New Member intro

    hello and welcome!
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    Roasting a whole chicken??

    Hi guys, I've been pondering the pros and cons of these methods of roasting a whole bird and would appreciate some insight here. Unfortunately, very few restaurants actually do a whole roast bird now. So here are the few methods that interest me the most and if you have a better way, please...
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    hello from Connie

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    FS Two 240 gyutos: Hattori FH & Suien VC

    too bad i'm outta a job or i'll grab that suien!
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    I do mung beans for precision and marbles for strenth :p
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    Foodies that post bad review and don't know what there talking about?

    As someone who works on the line myself, I do get irritated by reviews that focus too much on what is being done in the kitchen to the ingredients and/or what is or is not in the dish. I believe that reviews, if written, has to focus on the taste and overall appeal of the dish, and be free of...
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Mike Davis

    Happy Birthday!
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    Hello from Kamakura, Japan

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    Hello from CT

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    The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2013

    There were some drastic drops and gains. Iggy's dropped out if the top 50. Both Narisawa and Ryugin gained. Attica was the one that surprised me the most though!
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    do you like stinky cheeses?

    Yes and no. Depends on what I am/will be doing.
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    Understanding Limits

    perfectly reasonable IMHO
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    (Another) New Job

    congratulations and well done!
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    Happy Birthday CadillacJ

    Happy birthday! have a good one!
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    Dude, welcome

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    Hangover food...

    bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled mackerel, miso soup.
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    Hello From Michigan

    Hello and Welcome!