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  1. Tristan

    Any experience with Anaori Kakugama

    Hi all does anyone on the forum have first hand experience using Anaori’s Kakugama carbon block? Wanted to know if there were any upfront experiences to share, impressions, best recipes suited etc.
  2. Tristan

    Advice on French Top/Plaque

    Am shopping for a new range, and came across a French top option. Have some idea of what it is for from videos and the like. From a practical day to day standpoint how much help or benefit is one and anyone strongly for or against? Some of you may have one at work, is it something you would...
  3. Tristan

    Any impressions of hitohira tanaka yohei?

    Looking for impressions of anyone that owns one in blue steel, though if you have any other steels in this range do chip in please.
  4. Tristan

    Anyone tried building a commercial kitchen at home?

    Just what the thread says: wondering if anyone in this forum has tried or actually did a commercial kitchen kit out at home, and if so what the end result was like. Was just watching how everything was largely waterproof and could be scrubbed down and wondering if anyone made a wet/dry kitchen...
  5. Tristan

    WTB Blu Skillet Ironware

    Hi if anyone has pieces from Blu Skillet and is thinking of selling them onwards do share. Looking at (most) sizes, skillet, saucier and Roaster. Skillet I won’t need a 11” one and roaster I won’t need a 13” one.
  6. Tristan

    Universally Approved

    Was just thinking about how everyone has their own favourites with knives. Yet some of the other gear we use are pretty much ‘universally’ accepted as being the best at a task. Some people will use other brands but generally you’d reach for this and they are not out of place in the home...
  7. Tristan

    Hand forged steak knives

    Been a long absence from the forum. Largely because you’re all horrible enablers with very good taste, and also I got screwed over by Pierre Rodrigue to the tune of $1300 and never saw my money or the steak knife set I commissioned. Never did get a set of good steak knives to fill the void...
  8. Tristan

    Help finding a BBQ rub and sauce recipe here

    Hi guys this rarely happens but my googlefu has abandoned me and someone requested a redo of a really old recipe for BBQ ribs and rub - think it was courtesy of Jim Goose and was both a BBQ sauce and a dry rub post in one... If anyone knows what I'm talking about a link would be massively...
  9. Tristan

    Looking for user opinions of Big Green Egg

    Hi, I'm thinking of shipping one over from the states and wanted to know what the thoughts were on this product. - Best uses - Differences between using a grill and the BGE - Usability and clean up issues - Which size is best (my constraints are space, as this would go into an apartment -...
  10. Tristan

    Tomahawk Steak Recipe Needed

    Hi, my local butcher just randomly started bringing in Australian Wagyu (margaret river cows + marketing) Tomahawk steaks. They look massive, and likely good eating. Anyone here has an amazing recipe for it along with cooking tips and a sauce to go with? :wink: I have one steak dinner a...
  11. Tristan

    How do you retain a talented cook?

    Hi, as someone totally outside the industry, I have often wondered how you would actually retain the best cooks/chefs that you hired? I ask because I imagine that some places would lose the ability to retain food quality if the chef left, or up and coming cooks need new opportunities but not...
  12. Tristan

    Barkeeper's Friend & Flitz

    Hey folks, will both these products strip off all patina and 'reset' a carbon steel blade's surface? Does either one interfere with subsequent patina formation? And for those that have used it on their SS/Chrome pans, does it actually handle burnt in stains? I'm also wondering if they...
  13. Tristan

    Update on wooden steak platter

    I've finally found what I am trying to express through words. But it is hideously expensive. Anyone here can match this level of craft at a better price? The spalted wood bowls are gorgeous as well...
  14. Tristan

    WTB Sharpening DVDs

    Is this request allowed? If not please don't :knifed: me.
  15. Tristan

    Zombie Apocalypse II

    Ok, please drive around with your shotguns at the ready. June 1, and another zombie attack hits america. Well, sort of. Brain eating cannibals are worse than zombies no?
  16. Tristan

    Good sources for wooden steak platters?

    Hi anyone here has good ideas for a simple wooden platter that I can serve steaks on? Getting a set of knives made, and don't want to ruin the edge on ceramic plates come the day. All suggestions much appreciated. If the wood pusher starts milling plate shaped blocks of wood, let me know.
  17. Tristan

    Any tech geeks in the room?

    Or any Gamers at all? I can't really picture chefs as a gaming crowd, but hey, you never know. Anyway, my new toy. Looks like a transformer. Feels the part too. Wait, what am I saying.
  18. Tristan

    Help: Versatile sauce recipes for the home cook?

    Hey with all the success I've had using the recipes from this forum - i was wondering if you guys had some recipes for sauces that you could share? Frequently the reductions and sauces are something that elevates food by a lot at good restaurants. And somehow they seem elusive to me when I do...
  19. Tristan

    IP address of all mobile phones banned?

    Hi, I was trying to log in to view some recipes whilst at the supermarket, but both the GF's and my mobile phones reported that my IP address was banned. Is there a way to fix this?
  20. Tristan

    OOTB edges?

    noob question: I just decided to add a carter and a masamoto into rotation, and took them out of their boxes. The odd this is the final edges seem really tiny - 1mm give or take. Even on the carters. Are these microbevels? After sharpening my edge bevels broaden out significantly. Whilst...