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  1. Marko Tsourkan

    Refurbishing/Thining/Refinishing Tsourkan Knives Blades

    Hi folks, if you want to get your Tsourkan blade refurbish/thin/refinish, please send me a PM and I will accommodate you. I will bring it a back to the factory state, the only difference that if I need to re-profile, the knife might get a little shorter, to keep the right height/length...
  2. Marko Tsourkan

    2X72 Grinder for Sale

    I picked a second power hammer (150kg), so need to move some of my equipment, to free up cash. That's the only reason I am selling this grinder. It's build like a tank, for a life-time use. Powerful and accurate, things that don't always go together. Asking $2500. Will consider a Best Offer...
  3. Marko Tsourkan

    Wood Blocks For Sale - Long Overdue Project

    Hi Folks, this project has been in works for a number of years, but finally, I am coming around to do it. It all started some years ago when a friend of mine offered a collaboration in finding exceptional woods, drying, processing, stabilizing, and offering it for sale. I liked this idea, as...
  4. Marko Tsourkan

    Blanks for sale

    If anybody is interested in 52100, AEB-L, or A2 profiled and heat treated blanks , please contact me. Priced at $.22 per mm on the edge. Any profile. The main difference between custom and commercial HT, is that in custom HT steels are conditioned and brought to the optimum state to...
  5. Marko Tsourkan

    Custom Order List is Officially Open

    What's offered: Stock Steels: 52100, A2, Pm#1, AEB-L San Mai clad in stainless: 52100, A2, PM#1, PM#2 (carbon), Carbon (similar to White steel) Integrals: 52100, A2, All San Mail Integrals from above, Damacsus (Devin Thomas, prepare to wait) Damascus: Stainless and Carbon...
  6. Marko Tsourkan

    DMT 11.5 x 2.5 Plates Special Order Grits 4000, 6000, 8000 - Pre-Buy/Gauging Interest

    I am thinking to place a special order for plates in 4000, 6000 and 8000 grits for this particular size - 11.5x2.5 DMT plates work very well on alloyed steels with higher wear resistance as well as any steel. They cut very fast. I have these plates for years now, and am very happy...
  7. Marko Tsourkan

    For Sale - 2.5" Parer, AEB-L, Snakewood, Blackwood

    Thin behind the edge, convex ground, clean plunge lines. $150 Shipped. Thank you.
  8. Marko Tsourkan

    Three Slots for Custom 24" Magnetic Strip/Bars Available - $150-250

    I will be making 4 24" magnetic strips (or magnetic knife bars) and have 3 slots available for custom magnetic strips. Other sizes are optional. Wood choice of your liking and depending on availability. I am near a lumber yard that caters to high end cabinet and furniture makers...
  9. Marko Tsourkan

    For Sale - 210mm Gyuto, Maple, Curly Ebony spacer

    For your consideration, 210mm gyuto in AEB-L, octagonal handle in curly maple with ebony spacer. Convex (aka Mizuno) grind - performance of this knife will be very similar to that of a Mizuno. A matching 220mm gyuto and 275mm suji coming up, should somebody wants a set. Asking $325...
  10. Marko Tsourkan

    135mm Honesuki For Sale - Ebony, Koa, Brass D handle, Koa Saya. AEB-L

    Single bevel (hamaguriba), hollow back, 135mm AEB-L honesuki. I really like this size for working around the poultry joints. Very comfortable D handle. The set is priced for a quick sale. Asking $275 shipped. Knife has been sharpened and is ready to go out once a payment is received. If...
  11. Marko Tsourkan

    Three Scimitars For Sale

    I have three scimitars in 52100 (special heat treatment) in 300-330mm. Leather sheath is an option. Handle options are Select grade cocobolo Koa Ironwood Redwood Gigee Price $550-650 depending on wood choice. Please send me an email if interested.
  12. Marko Tsourkan

    Wuertz Machine Work TW-90 Grinder For Sale

    Please contact me if interested for details. Thank you
  13. Marko Tsourkan

    Gauging Interest for Boning Knives Wa and Western handle, Single and Double Bevel

    Been working on some boning knives, single and double beveled. Single beveled is similar to Watanabe custom sabaki and double beveled, I have produces a handful with Western handles and Wa. Is there an interest? I am thinking 135mm and 150mm versions. Single beveled will have a hollow...
  14. Marko Tsourkan

    Free Shigefusa Handles

    I kind of lost a track who wanted what. Could you please send your request to my email? A handle is free, just pay for the postage. Thanks, Marko
  15. Marko Tsourkan

    Magnetic Strips Are Coming Up

    I am finishing a few of magnetic strips in 24" in flame cherry. Will post them once they are done.
  16. Marko Tsourkan

    Gauging Interest for Leather Strops

    I am considering making a batch of leather strops in 11x3x1.25" in mahogany, walnut, and few other hardwoods. Wooden base, no-skid feet, with a nice satin finish. These will be $70 shipped in US. Let me know how many might be interested, so I know how many to make. Thank you...
  17. Marko Tsourkan

    How do I get a Pro Craftsman badge under my name?

    Somebody pointed out to me that I don't have one. Thanks.
  18. Marko Tsourkan

    Retooling my Shop

    I will be retooling my shop in the next three months. I will be adding 3 grinders, two salt pods, and if everything goes well, an inert gas oven. I will be putting up my TWSG-1 and TG-92 disk sander with a miter attachment for sale. If anybody is interested in purchasing these, please sent me...
  19. Marko Tsourkan

    Any VW mechanics, pros and amateur on the forum?

    I have a 2006 VW Touareg. Love this truck but it has given me a good amount of grief))) over the time I owned it. ))) Sometimes overbuilt or over-engineered is not a good thing. )) I need to tackle a couple of faults I am getting in a diagnostic scan, but not sure how to do it. These...
  20. Marko Tsourkan

    Wood Sale - Exceptional Cocobolo

    I stretched myself thin buying stuff lately (wood, motors, VFDs), need to replenish coffers. Putting a few exceptional blocks for sale. I only get a few of this quality from a large board, and will probably be kicking myself later, but here they are. Size 130mm long x 45mm tall x 29mm thick...