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  1. la2tokyo

    Stainless Mukimono?

    Does anyone know of a high quality mukimono that's stainless? I need something to do tiny detail work on little stuff like yuzu peels and other reactive vegetables, and I can't have them discolor at all, even after sitting for a half day. I don't own any stainless knives, but the stainless...
  2. la2tokyo

    Infrared vs Radiant Steak Broilers?

    I want to replace my grill with a steakhouse broiler. I have no experience with any of the products I'm looking at, and it's $10k, so I can't really make a mistake. The restaurant I'm at is constantly grilling steaks and chicken. Our grill is 45" wide, but there are hot and cold spots, and...
  3. la2tokyo

    Shipping knives to Japan

    I'm going back to Japan to work and I have had a horrible time finding a way to ship my knives there. I know I can pack them in my luggage but I'm always worried that they're going to be stolen. I tried to ship them via Yamato and FedEx - both refused to ship knives. Any ideas?
  4. la2tokyo

    Gishiki Yo Bocho

    In the Masamoto catalog this says Gishiki Yo Bocho, meaning ceremonial knife. Do people actually use this for cooking or is it just for something else? If it's for a ceremony, what kind of ceremony is it for? Seems like a lot to spend on something that doesn't do any work!
  5. la2tokyo

    Thick Hinoki (Or Similar) Sushi Cutting Board Source in US or Japan

    I will be in the market for a very large slab-type cutting board for sushi within the next year. I am willing to drive anywhere on the west coast to pick it up if I can find a woodworker to make it cheaper than bringing it back from Japan. It needs to be Hinoki or similar soft wood...
  6. la2tokyo

    Naniwa SS 10K vs. Chosera 10K

    Can someone with experience using both of these stones please tell me exactly how the Chosera feels differently, cuts differently, and finishes differently than the SS? If you could please note what type of steel your experience was with that would help. If I buy the Chosera will my SS be...
  7. la2tokyo


    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of where Nenohi knives are made, and if they make them themselves? I never saw them in use in Japan, and searching for them for purchase on Google Japan brings up almost no results. I know they are sold through their store in Tsukiji, but I haven't...