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  1. Cadillac J

    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    I haven't posted here in likely six years or so...and haven't browsed anything new. But I found this thread googling something else. Anyway, I just uploaded two videos that I recorded on whatever phone I had in 2012. It was the last time I recorded anything in this realm and this is the first...
  2. Cadillac J

    Holiday knife

    Fujiwara FKM 270 suji has been, and will remain my travel knife for a long time. Great to have a slicer if needed (like on Thanksgiving, roasts, etc.), and is also a great all-round tool for all other work...sujis are my favorite personally. I own and used to own six Fujiwaras: 4 FKMs & 2...
  3. Cadillac J

    Definitions of stiction , food release & wedging

    Why is everyone getting into all these semantics...its all about foods suctioning to the blade, that is it. Don't even remember anyone talking about "stiction" until a few years ago.
  4. Cadillac J

    Is food release overrated?

    I like suji for EVERYTHING.
  5. Cadillac J

    A Hiromoto find

    I love my cheap FKM honesuki for both its intended task and used as a petty for fun when just needing thin/shaved slices of an onion done in hand without being on the board. Not to mention the low price on these seems like a steal considering what most brands charge for their honesukis...
  6. Cadillac J

    Petty 210 recommendations?

    I have the 210 Suisin IH petty, as well as a 240 FKM suji, 270 FKM suji, 270 Kono HD & a 300 Kono white#2 The SIH is very, very lightweight. I am a suji user as all-purpose knife, and thought the SIH would be what I would go to most often at home. However, it is has a bit more flex and...
  7. Cadillac J

    account hack attempt

    I also received an email mentioning someone was trying to get into my account last week, failing 5 times to log in. Several years ago, my gmail was compromised by someone in the time I was thinking it was someone who had my info from the old KF site (as i used the same password...
  8. Cadillac J

    Entry Level Sujihiki - Recommendations?

    Sorry I didn't read the details...but I say Fujiwara FKM from JCK -- red wine wood handle if you get a 240mm or black pakka wood for all other sizes. There is a reason why I keep these around. FYI...i use a suji as an all-purpose knife (i have the 240 mentioned above, as well as a 270 from...
  9. Cadillac J

    best bang for buck blade (handle doesn't matter!)

    I was just thinking of getting my JCK Carbonext rehandled -- I think it is a such a great bang for the buck, and it is a nice compromise between a laser and a more robust blade.
  10. Cadillac J

    "Earn the Knife" or Just "Buy the Best"?

    My favorite part of the whole knife experience was the actual journey along the my personal belief is to move up gradually. However, everyone is free to do what they want. Improving sharpening and cutting techniques over time is what allows you appreciate and understand the subtle...
  11. Cadillac J

    My first quality knives. What next?

    If you looking for a slicer, a safe bet is the Fujiwara FKM series sujihiki -- I have a 270 and 240 (w/ red wine handle), and don't think I'll ever let them go. I also have 2 Konosuke sujis: 270 HD w/ ebony handle, and a 300 white #2 They are both different beasts, but I love them all...
  12. Cadillac J

    JCK Carbonext for petty any good??

    I love my Carbonnext me it is the best j-knife for the price. Granted mine has been heavily modified over the years grinding the face halfway up the blade to thin and have more of a convex grind to it. What size petty you looking at? Koki at JCK is one of my favorite vendors, and...
  13. Cadillac J

    Just bought my first kitchen knives how did I do?

    I think the Victorinox knives are great -- the true best bang for the buck. Purchased a 9" chef knife for my Ma to have at her house, and I really enjoy using it when I stop over there. They have great blade profiles, and their chef knives aren't very tall (which I really like being a suji...
  14. Cadillac J

    Recommendations for steak knives?

    Victorinox 6-pack of serrated steak knives. Not flashy, inexpensive, but they are awesome...mine have seen heavy use over the last several years, and they are as good as new. These ones...
  15. Cadillac J

    haven't purchased new knife in almost 2 years...but saw this and had to have

    As posted many times in the past, I love Fujiwara knives...currently own a 270mm suji and honesuki (FKMs), and previously had a 210mm gyuto and 240 suji (FKHs) that I sold long ago. They are my #1 recommended brand to people who are new, as they are a great bargain, and can take a beating...
  16. Cadillac J

    First decent knife Masamoto KS Yanagi 24cm

    Congrats man. My first and only single-bevel is a 300mm Masamoto KS yanagi -- I forget if it was sharp, but the first thing I do with any knife is sharpen it. I think it is a good pick too on the length...wish I would have just gotten a 240 for use at home instead of the 300mm (and I have...
  17. Cadillac J

    Knives thick at the spine, thin at the edge

    Agreed. This is from a 270mm gyuto that I used to have:
  18. Cadillac J

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    270 Yoshikane Tamamoku V2 wa-gyuto (sold long ago), next to my old Konosuke 270 white#2 gyuto. pic was taken in Sep-2012 with all my kitchen knives (sans for my travel knife: 270 Fujiwara FKM & Shun paring knife). Still have the exact same set as today...haven't had the itch to buy...
  19. Cadillac J

    Honesuki or Garasuki reccomendations

    i LOVE my Fujiwara FKM honesuki. I use it all the for multiple purposes around the kitchen, sometimes as a petty. Takes a great edge, I leave it just a little toothy and it's perfect.
  20. Cadillac J

    First Gyuto FKM vs FKH

    I've done a few reviews on this years ago. I'd go FKM over FKH any day of the week. There are no benefits for the sk carbon steel in any aspect....edge retention and sharpening ease are similar IMO. I still a own and love 2 do my FKMs, honesuki (just used ask a petty an hour ago) and 270...