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    Massdrop losers' replacement buy thread

    I spread my loser’s money far and wide- some to Missouri, some to France, some to Germany, some to Denmark 🥲
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    Show your newest knife buy

    KT Petty from Bryan Raquin 170x40, 125sc and xc10, convex grind, black spine
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    WTS Collection pt. 1— HSC, Simon, Pie, Clement, Oblivion, Prendergast, Takeda, and more

    Sorry to hear the sad news, this is a beautiful collection of knives. I know they must have been loved. PM sent on the HSC, best of luck moving them all to good homes!
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    WTS Halcyon, Raquin, Toyama, Itsuo Doi

    PM sent on the Raquin and Halcyon :)
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    SOLD Takada no Hamono Blue #1 Suiboku 240 mm gyuto

    You know what would make my Valentine's Day really special? Buying myself this knife lol. Sending a PM :)