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  1. damiano

    Exploring petty knives and shorter sujihikis

    LOCATION What country are you in? The Netherlands (EU) KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chefs knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? 150-180 mm petty. Are you right or left handed? Right Are you interested in a Western...
  2. damiano

    SOLD Mizuno Tanrenjo DX blue steel #1 210mm gyuto like new condition [EU]

    Up for sale: like new Mizuno Tanrenjo DX blue #1 210mm gyuto. No shinogi. Octagon handle and marble ferrule. Asking: 325 euro excluding shipping (will only consider EU for now). Used 3 times, so like new. Never touched any stone nor strop. Will be sold as is. Bought from JCK in November 2020...
  3. damiano

    JNS Kaeru Workhorse - how does it compare?

    Been looking at the Kaeru workhorse (white steel). Fit and finish seem quite good, and I’ve read it has a convex grind. Just curious how it measures up to the other Kaerus, e.g. the stainless and the regular white? And anyone compared it to the Munetoshi KU? Thanks!
  4. damiano

    Your opinions on the JNS 6000 Matukusuyama?

    So, I've recently bought a JNS 6000 Matukusuyama - I had the Munetoshi butcher in my basket and the dozens of positive reviews of the 6000 made me put it in my basket as well. It's now at my home, new and unused. I already have some Naniwa Pro stones: 400, 1000, and 3000. How can I fit the new...
  5. damiano

    Bought Looking for a 165/180 deba

    Hi all, Looking for a 165/180mm deba from the likes of Toyama, Watanabe, Masamoto KS, Mizuno blue. Drop me a line if you think you have one for sale that is similar to one of these.
  6. damiano

    Ryusen Blazen santoku: good as a care free daily driver?

    Okay, so my sister saw some of my new knives and now she wants a proper one too. I gave her a Kiwi small cleaver a few years ago, but she can’t/won’t sharpen it. I am now thinking of getting her a proper santoku, one I need to use sometimes too at her place. After having verified she will be...
  7. damiano

    Looking for a sujihiki 240-270

    So, my final project for 2020 will be getting a sujihiki. Please find the questionnaire below. LOCATION Netherlands (EU) KNIFE TYPE I'm interested in a sujihiki. I'm right handed. Preference for a Japanese handle. Length of knife (blade): between 240mm and 270mm. Preferable either blue...
  8. damiano

    Help me pick a deba pls

    So, my new project will be getting a deba. Please find below the questionnaire. LOCATION Netherlands (EU) KNIFE TYPE I'm interested in a deba (single bevel most likely) I'm right handed. No preference for either Western handle (e.g. the Misono Swedish) or Japanese handle. Length of knife...
  9. damiano

    Mizuno with or without shinogi?

    Hi all, I'm considering getting a Mizuno Tanrenjo gyuto. Either blue #1 or #2. The question I now have is whether to ask for one with or without a shinogi. Any opinions? From what I understand a wide bevel may help in better food release? But how easy is it to sharpen compared to a knife...
  10. damiano

    Honesuki versus deba - or just buy both?

    I'm just a normal home cook, and I want one knife to tackle breaking down chickens and fish. So, for home use only, meaning 1 chicken at a time, and say a 800 grams whole fish. Nothing extraordinary. I've been browsing the threads here, but haven't really found an answer to this dilemma. If you...
  11. damiano

    Could you guys pls check this TF Maboroshi?

    So, I've been looking for a new gyuto and today I went to a local shop. There I held the Teruyasu Fujiwara Maboroshi in my hand and it felt good. Of course I did my homework so I knew about its reputation. Hence, I also knew about the variability of the knives coming out of the TF factory, e.g...
  12. damiano

    Espresso at home: worth it?

    Since we have had a few coffee threads recently, I was wondering how people here think about making espresso at home. Do you use a Bialetti moka, automatic machine, e61, lever? Or do you think it’s not possible to make good espresso and you can’t be bothered? There are a few vocal baristas who...
  13. damiano

    I can get a BNIB Ryusen Blazen sujihiki 270mm for a great price: take it or leave it?

    So, while I'm still contemplating which first gyuto to buy - as discussed here: Looking for a 210mm gyuto from an European shop - a friend of a friend is selling a brand new 270mm Ryusen Blazen sujihiki. He is asking 215 euro. It retails for 400 euro where I live. This one here: Ryusen Blazen...
  14. damiano

    What knife is this chef using?

    So, I was watching one of my favourite youtube channels and saw this Japanese man taking down an eel with what seems like a very thick gyuto. Or is it a deba? Anyone know the brand and type? Starts at around 5.00 min in. Thanks from a newbie.. :)
  15. damiano

    Looking for a 210mm gyuto from an European shop

    Hi guys and girls, new member here :) LOCATION What country are you in? The Netherlands. KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chefs knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? Gyuto. Are you right or left handed? Right. Are you...
  16. damiano

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hello, new member here. Was already wondering why I couldn't post! Now I know. Serious home cook. Not a knife buyer/seller but tend to hold on to knives for a long time. Have been using paring knife by Robert Herder carbon steel for a long time now. Also really love a Chinese cleaver as a...