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  1. daveb

    Custom molded saya

    So, new cook. Yeeeeeeears of experience. Made soup 2day. Moved the pot off the electric burner and put the bowl rack on top of it. Made smoke - lots of it. With melted plastic everywhere, he started scraping it up with a (rented) paring knife. New saya fits like a glove and affords...
  2. daveb

    Marko Alert

    In his latest newsletter, Marko shared that he is making some knives in support of his native Ukraine. Pls contact Marko at: A. M. Tsourkan <[email protected]> for more info.
  3. daveb

    Video doc from K&S

    Just saw this on Jame's FB page. Well done mini doc on sushi house Sushi Oe in Sydney. Had me licking the screen....
  4. daveb


    Thus far this weekend (long weekend) I've dodged the Marko, dodged the Devin so now I have an extra $1,300, right? Shopping.
  5. daveb


    Pls stop. You're either our most enthusiastic greeter (which is entirely ok) or running up a post count (sry, my cynical self thinks this is more likely).
  6. daveb

    Help me shop - want to buy - Computer Tablet

    Once again appealing to the puter nerds. Have had Amazon Fire 8 for over a year. Slower than death. Don't like interface, gmail sux, getting to kkf sux, fb kinda sux. Couple hours of reading will kill battery. I've added Chrome thingy to it but still - only thing that's easy on it is...
  7. daveb

    SOLD Gesshin Ginga 180mm Gyuto

    Very nice "little"" knife that I've used for light catering. Great line knife, agile, more height than a petty - perfect for quick and dirty tasks. 180 x 40mm. With saya. No pin (of course). Saya could stand a little sanding / oil. $210 will get it to your door, insured USPS Priority...
  8. daveb

    SOLD Tillman Leder 240mm Gyuto

    This one is tough to list - like it a lot but also have a 225 that I'll be buried with. Title says it all. Some light use, work and home. Won't see these on bst very often. With Tillman saya and pin! Upgraded handle. 47mm tall. May be a couple mm over 240. $525 to your door, USPS...
  9. daveb

    SOLD HSC Zwear, 240 x 55mm, 238g Gyuto

    I like the knife, love the steel. But I've found I prefer the 48-50mm tall 240's and this one is a bit tall for me. Yes, Harbeer's Zwear edge lasts almost forever. I've not had occasion to sharpen the knife. New was 650ish, asking $600, Priority and insured to your door. And yes my picture...
  10. daveb

    SOLD Carter SB Deba - 180mm

    I bought this knife here awhile ago and find I prefer my Toyama for the 180mm length. Rare for Murray to do a true single bevel, it's a nice, deft knife. I've not sharpened it since I've had it. Lightly stropped on felt to crisp the edge. This is thread I bought it from: WTT - Carter Kata...
  11. daveb

    Forgie Boning on the Bay

    I have two of these, love em for what they are. This one looks to be in good shape, handle intact, no swale on blade. Good "practice" knife or just use it...
  12. daveb


    Chris has made it around the sun again. Hope you have time to have a good one!
  13. daveb


  14. daveb

    Some help with a PIF?

    One of our members that has been on hiatus has recently contacted me - seems life has given him a big kick in the nuts. He was active here, I've bought from him, sold to him, yada, yada. Good guy. He's now knifeless (except for a Kiwi) and looking to start over in a lot of things, and asked...
  15. daveb

    Recipe Requested Clam Chowder

    I need a killer clam chowder recipe in next couple days. Bacon, cream, sherry, I don't know how I've not done it before. Oh, and the clams....
  16. daveb

    SOLD Couple Nats

    Clean up continues. Very good stones, a little small for my preference. 1) Takashima Nice forgiving finisher. 57 x 205mm. $100 shipped USPS 2) Nakayama Kan Koppa from Watanabe. 77 x 160mm. First 150, OBO,f shipped USPS (A little lost on this price. Saw similar for 200+ but...
  17. daveb

    SOLD HVB 240mm Gyuto and 275mm Suji

    I've had these for a bit, have used them a bit, like them a lot. Love the weight on the suji. Comes with premium saya(s) from Chop Shop. $1000 $900 for the pair. Gyuto $500 $450 shipped to your door. Nice "D" shaped handle. 50mm tall. 240mm long. 246g. .Some additional pics per...
  18. daveb

    SOLD Bestor 1200, Rika 5K (x2)

    I'm going through some stones and have a couple to part with. I'll start with: Sold Shapton Glass 320 - new, unopened. 60 bucks to your door. Sold Shapton Pro 2000 - As new, have two in service, this is an extra. 70 bucks to your door. Sold $120 will get them both. Withdrawn...
  19. daveb

    Withdrawn Notta Toyama

    Thread has been moved to abeyance while it is sorted out. "Toyama" in the description will not stand it the knife is not a Toyama ( or at least a Wat). Sorry Ma - I don't believe you're being intentionally duplicitous but it does misrepresent the product.
  20. daveb

    Happy Birthday No Chop!

    Heard that today is the day. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the contributions!:icecream: