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  1. Gator

    Input needed - How to present heat treat info in the knife steel app

    Hi All, I suppose main audience for this question would be makers and heat treaters, although anyone else interested in heat treating data or having any feedback is more than welcome to comment. Long story short, asm international contacted me regarding my app, and offered some help with...
  2. Gator

    Where to buy hattori KD in Tokyo or Kyoto

    Hi All, Friend of mine is visiting Japan... Those two cities, I recall there was a post recently, but can't seem to find it. If someone has a store name/addr or phone plz lemme know :)
  3. Gator

    Knife ID/Info

    Hi All, Picked up this 9.5" Yoshihiro yanagiba for sharpening/testing from a coworker. I assume it is Yoshihiro, since my kanji is severely non existent :) Anyhow, is it really Yoshihiro? And if yes does anyone know model/steel etc? The story was that his relative picked it up...
  4. Gator

    Knife Steel Chart for iphones

    Hi All, Finally, after 6 months, Knife steel chart for iOS devices is in appstore. Download Knife steel chart form appstore here For prelim. info visit - iOS Knife steel chart page on Currently it's version 1.1, as some of you know, 1.0 went online in Feb, but I had to...
  5. Gator

    Looking for steel samples for composition analysis

    Hi All, Dunno where does this belong, so mods pls move to wherever it should be. Anyway, I have a chance to analyze steel compositions using very precise equipment, and the price that is reasonable (100$ per sample). Still rather steep, but a lot better compared to last quote which was...
  6. Gator

    Steel search trends

    just posted knife steel search trends page. Considering that knife steel chart is getting quite some use, I've figured it'd be worth doing some statistical analysis. At least to see what were popular searches, etc. Unfortunately, even though I have masters deg. in math, it's been a very long...
  7. Gator

    In search of 0.1 mic diamond film

    Hi All, Well, the subj it is. Even though I'm definitely not a n00b when it comes to searching things on the web, for some reason can't find it 2nd day already. Ok, I can find 3m 0.1mic lapping film alright, but everyone I found sells then in wholesale quantities. There's just one place that...
  8. Gator

    Forming an LLC

    Hi All, I'm planing to open LLC, I do software, so that's the company's field. I was planin gon doing that later on, but no thanks to Apple Inc I have to do it sooner. Bastids won't let me distribute iphone apps under zviSoft name. Even if they are free. So, no steel chart on iphone till I get...
  9. Gator

    Knife steel chart graph builder upgrades

    Hi All, Version 3.5 of the steel comparison graph builder went online tonight. There were several new features and fixes during last few days, final version was completed today. The most complex feature to implement was the hover tooltips, or balloons(if balloons can be rectangles:)), which...
  10. Gator

    Audio added to Japanese kitchen knife types Db

    Hi All, Audio support for Japanese kitchen knife types and styles database was completed today. In other words, besides descriptions and definitions now we have their pronunciation in Japanese. Special thanks to Jon and Sara ( for spending their time and...
  11. Gator

    Knife steel chart 4.0 & Android steel chart 3.0 online

    Hi All, Both new versions went online today, which was much harder then I thought. Database schema has been changed so, Android users have to upgrade to 3.0 in order to be able to synchronize with online database. Sorry, there was no way around it. All the javascript, and css files were...
  12. Gator

    Estimating interest in mobile apps

    Because there are several mobile platforms I can develops apps for, I am trying to estimate user base, so what do you use... Android included phones and tablets, iOS includes both, ipad and iphone. @ everyone, please cast your vote, that's how I can keep track.
  13. Gator

    Android Steel Chart 2.1 published

    Hi All, Version 2.1 went online tonight. This time, it is a standard android app update. No hassles :) Please let me know if you encounter any issues with update, or after updating. What's new: Fixed bug when the last synchronization date wasn't saved correctly. Fixed bug with lingering...
  14. Gator

    Android Steel Chart 2.0 published

    Hi All, Finally I've finished the second version. It's on the market. How to find the app on the market: 1) Search for "knife steel chart" 2) search "pub:zviSoft" 3) If you have barcode reader in your phone then use this QR code: Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, I was forced to...
  15. Gator

    Help wiht android steel chart app 2.0

    Hi All, Calling on HTC Inspire owners :) I'm working on that steel chart for android, v 2.0. Unfortunately, as far as I understand there is a problem specific to HTC Inspire phones, preventing the application from opening. I can't reproduce the problem neither on android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 or...