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    SOLD Shapton GS 2k & 8K

    Shapton GlassStones 2000 grit and 8000 grit Lite use, both measure at full height $110 / pair / CONUS / Shipped USPS Priority
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    Unemployment & Covid Economy forces sale...a true Unicorn Ikkanshi Tadatsuna #6 Cleaver in White #2 420gr 230mm x 107mm (belly) (105mm at heel, 104mm at tip) Overall length 330mm Distal Taper Limited use $600 CONUS
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    SOLD Watanabe Pro 210 Gyuto

    Watanabe 210mm Gyuto Blue #2 Iron clad Blade measures 215 x 45 at the heel, 180gr Excellent condition with light patina. Photo ADDED Includes Original Watanabe Tenjui Cloth Asking $325 $275 shipped CONUS Price drop
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    Suisin Dreamcraft Momiji Funayuki 210mm, Saya & pin

    New, never used (excluding the obligatory carrot) 210mm Momiji Funy Ginsanko Asking $375, Pay Pal Shipped CONUS [/URL][/IMG] From the Dreamcraft team at Suisin, this is a beautiful, very thin, traditional funayuki, with saya and pin. NIB. The knife is a 210mm, measures 223 from machi to...
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    Carter High Grade 7.62 sun Gyuto / Funayuki

    This knife is a NIB High Grade Funayuki. 7.62 sun $685 Pay Pal plus shipping your choice (10% below currant MC Pricing) [/URL][/IMG] Actual measurements are 229mm x 49mm, 154 gr This knife is a bit of a 'one-off'....I bought a similar knife from Murray, and in the final QC during...
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    Bron Pro Manoline

    A great piece of professional equipment, just over the top for me at this time, and long term unemployment doesn't help... Used a few times in home kitchen. $100 Pay Pal shipped CONUS [/URL][/IMG]
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    Masamoto KS 150 Deba

    Unemployment has me looking to help out the bank account and I am just not a single bevel guy. Masamoto KS series 150mm Deba Traditional White / Shiro Ko steel hand finished at the factory. $150 Pay Pal shipped CONUS [/URL][/IMG]
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    Unemployment forces sale: Tojiro Pro F-631

    Unfortunately, long term unemployment is catching up with me, and I have to let go of this or my Tad.... $150 shipped USPS CONUS PayPal This is a really really nice all-rounder...Andy777, the Chuka King, says it best.... "This knife is by far the most highly finished Japanese knife I have...
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    F-S: Shigefusa 180mm Kurouchi Nakiri

    New, in box. Sampled, but not used. (sharpened by our resident master!) Shigefusa Kurouchi Nakiri 180mm $225 - Conus shipped w/ tracking & Ins. / paypal preferred Sadly, I'm just not a Nakiri guy. I'm also not a hoarder.
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    Good/bad/good news

    Hi Dave....and everybody else I had no idea - go figure. So the good news is I now have this place I can check in to while at work (they have some kind of filter that blocks most things that say 'knives') The bad news is I now have a website to troll when I should be working. And I guess...