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  1. dmonterisi

    300mm Yanagi Rec. kikuchiyo/mosuke?

    Thinking about picking up a 300mm yanagi in the coming weeks or months. Just kind of peeking around at the options in the $800-1000 range. I currently have a gesshin hide 240 yanagi and its great but i would like something nice in the 300mm range. I have noticed the hitohira offerings...
  2. dmonterisi

    WTB Takada no Hamono 300mm suji

    Hi all- looking to add a takada no hamono 300mm suji. preferably blue 1 or white 1. a tanaka/yohei suji would be great as well. thx
  3. dmonterisi

    SOLD /T 210 Shi.Han stainless clad 52100

    This is a stainless clad 52100 Shihan up for sale or trade. It is about three years old, I believe I am the second owner. I have had it since late 2019. Stable patina on the core steel. Has not been thinned or any other mods. Ash handle with ash edge guard. 213mm x 51mm. 176 g. 3.0mm thick...
  4. dmonterisi

    Bought Takada no Hamono Suiboku 240 Blue #1

    Looking for a Blue 1 240 Suiboku. looking for new or close to new. Let me know if you are looking to move on from yours. Thanks!
  5. dmonterisi

    Bought Y Tanaka forged 240 blue 1 wide bevel

    i am interested in tracking down a Blue 1 Y Tanaka-forged wide bevel. am thinking about a tanaka x kyuzo but also interested in hearing what else is out there. i recently got a white 2 kagekiyo and am enjoying it so i want to check out blue 1. id be interested in the blue 1 damascus if thats...
  6. dmonterisi

    WTB /WTTF Isasmedjan 240 or 210

    Looking to trade for an Isasmedjan. Looking for a gyuto in either 240mm or maybe 210mm in ideally 1.2519 with wrought cladding. have plenty to trade. please get in touch if you have one and are looking to move on from it. thanks!
  7. dmonterisi

    KKF buy/sell redirecting to spam sites

    Hi- ive been having an issue on KKF over the past few days where the buy/sell forum redirects to some spammy sites. it only happens on my mobile browser (chrome) and not on desktop. it doesnt happen with other sites, only kkf. ive captured video of it in the link below. anyone else having this...
  8. dmonterisi

    WTS Comet 52100 229mm x 52mm

    Hi- I'm looking to see if there is any trade interest for this Comet in monosteel 52100. Blade measures 229mm x 52mm, weight of 196g. blade is 240mm from handle to tip. 2.6mm thickness above the heel tapering down to 1.0mm about 1 cm from the tip. Knife has been lightly used, I believe I am...
  9. dmonterisi

    Chosing stones for tools

    Hi, I have begun working on some woodworking tools. I recently picked up some old hand planes and a set of Stanley sweetheart 750 series chisels. I also have a japanese chisel i purchased from JNS but haven't used it yet. what would be the best progression for sharpening, especially on the...
  10. dmonterisi

    WTB /WTTF Comet gyuto/suji/petty

    Hi all- im looking to catch a comet. Been on my bucket list for a while now. can offer cash or trade (kono fuji, raquin, kato, halcyon among others that could be part of the right deal). looking for a wrought iron gyuto/suji or maybe a honyaki petty. thanks!
  11. dmonterisi

    WTB 165 or 180mm Deba

    Looking to try out a Deba (single bevel, right handed). traditional carbon core and iron cladding preferred. Please let me know if you are looking to part with one. Looking to spend up to $300-$400. thanks in advance.
  12. dmonterisi

    Recommendation for soft/muddy and finisher Jnats

    Hi all- Just starting to dig into the world of jnats. I have an Aiiwatani koppa and some kiita and uchigomori fingerstones. I also took advantage of the Jns “20% off bring the prices down to reality” sale to pick ip an ohira suita and a numata torato which are arriving this week. I was...
  13. dmonterisi

    Scissors for cutting king crab shells

    Hi, several nights a week, I work a raw bar. Cutting the shells on king crab legs is a pain. I have small joyce chen kitchen scissors that get the job done but they are not ideal. I'm looking for something a bit more robust, still small and with offset finger holes/handle so that i can keep...
  14. dmonterisi

    WTB 120mm SS or SS clad petty

    Hi all- I am in need of a couple of petties. i currently have a couple of 150mm petties, both around 29mm tall. I am looking for at least one with a little more height. something like 135mm/35mm tall would be awesome if its out there. i would also like something with a bit more of a thicker...
  15. dmonterisi

    WTB Shi han petty

    Anyone happen to have a shi han petty available for sale? looking for 150mm or 180mm thanks!
  16. dmonterisi

    WTB Kato suji

    Hi all- just checking around to see if anyone has a kato suji sitting around not getting used they would like to part with? thanks! Damon
  17. dmonterisi

    Bought 210 Suji/Petty/Line Knife

    Hi all- I'm looking for a 210 sujihiki or petty to use as a line knife. would prefer stainless clad carbon but not a deal breaker. looking to stay under $250/$300. please let me know if you have anything. thx
  18. dmonterisi

    Checking in from Sin City

    Hi all- I'm Damon. I'm originally a New Yorker, been in vegas for about 3.5 years now. GM of Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken on the strip. Have been into Japanese knives for about 12 years. My first was a 210mm Kikuichi which opened my eyes, then a 240mm Misono UX10 which i still love it just...