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    Knife identification - Tetsujiro gyuto

    I recently picked up a knife at a local auction site and now I'm trying to identify it. The box is marked HIRO and the ad said "Tetsujiro 240mm". In the pictures below, I've included both the Kanji of the knife and the japanese label of the box. The only thing I figured out this far is that...
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    Stone collection, next step in usage (and possibly purchases?)

    This is a long-ish stone multiple part question, partly to gather my own thoughts, but also to get any feedback from you wonderful experienced people. I am an amateur and mainly sharpen my own knife so unless I do something stupid I don’t expect any one stone to be worn out in my lifetime. The...
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    Review: Kajibei Nakiri 165 mm Aogami #2

    This is a first impressions review and specs for a newly aquired knife. I hope to come back with more impressions once I have used it more. The knife in question is the Kajibei 165mm Nakiri with the cutting edge in Aogami #2 steel and with a discreet damascus cladding going over into kurouchi...
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    Munetoshi Kiritsuke Gyuto, how's the tip?

    Since I do like my Munetoshi 165mm Petty from JNS (the mini Gyuto), I've also started looking at a bigger knife in the same style. JNS also sells two different gyuto styles, regular and a kiritsuke style. Do anyone have experience with this k-tip version and can comment on it? I mainly think...
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    Fiskars Functional Form experience

    This is a followup from the sharpening picture thread and encouraging words from @HumbleHomeCook I have been into knives for five or six years now. I am an amateur both in the kitchen and as a sharpener. I do it for fun, and be cause I like working with my hands after all these years of just...
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    The IT security thread

    Triggered by the recent threads about a stolen account, I just thought I'd take the time to spread the gospel of IT security even for personal stuff. You don't want your identity or your money stolen, trust me. Neither online nor away from keyboard. Login Credentials Do you have good and...
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    Possible scam?

    I've been contacted by e-mail by a person calling himself Austin Mc****** from Groupbuilder / Cultural Media claiming to be some sort of advertisement salesman for KKF and wanting me to advertise here. The whole conversation gave me a bit of a strange vibe. Is this an official campaign of KKF...
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    SOLD Masakage Yuki 210 mm Cleancut handle (EU)

    This is a catch and release. purchased used a month back, but I keep reaching for other knives. Masakage Yuki 210mm, with a handle provided by Cleancut (according to the seller). Original box included. Let me know if you want more pictures. :) Selling for $165 including worldwide shipping...
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    SOLD Misono Swedish Dragon 240mm Gyuto and 150mm Petty (EU)

    Thinning the herd... One 240mm Gyuto with the cool dragon, and one 150mm Petty. Purchased new in february of this year and used sparingly since. Sharpened one time. Some patina present as can be seen in the pictures. New price for the two was $229 + shipping and import taxes to Sweden...
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    New IKEA knife - Briljera

    I just noticed that IKEA has introduced a new "high-end" knife, called BRILJERA (swedish for "to shine, to outshine" or something to that effect. European style profile and bolster, but with damascus and VG-10: Have not tried it myself. Anyone here tried it?
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    JNS 6000

    I'm looking for a JNS 6000 Matukusuyama stone, and before I shell out for a new one I just want to check if anyone here has one for sale? I'm based in Sweden, so inside EU is an advantage for tax reasons.
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    Gosh darn

    I just realized that I have more knives than I'll ever wear out. And stones of sufficient quality not to replace any before they wear out.. which again will take many years. Time to cancel my paypal account before I buy more stuff? :scratchhead:
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    Getting logged out very quickly

    I seem to be logged out very quickly, after a few minutes of percieved in-activity, I have to log in again. Using Chrome browser on primarily Windows PC. I would appreciate any hints if there are settings in my account, or settings in the browser or otherwise on my end that could...
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    Munetoshi 240mm Gyuto, Mazaki 150mm Yanigaba (EU)

    Selling a couple of knives that I simply not use, better they are used than "drawer queens here". Click the images for larger versions. First up, MUNETOSHI KUROUCHI GYUTO 240mm, purchased last year from JNS. Used to prepare a few dinners, but looks alsmost new. Never sharpened by me...
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    I wanna try a nakiri, and I thought I'd start looking here before looking at the regular shops. Prefereces: 165 mm or 180 mm blade lenth Japanese handle Carbon steel preferred, but quality stainless also of interest Seller within the EU is a plus, and any price given should include...
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    I just wanna say

    I just wanna say that learning to sharpen a japanese knife on a whetstone is really really fun. It takes a little while, but is pure meditation. Working with your hands Getting results. Mindfulness. And you end up with a screaming sharp edge *looking at bandaid on thumb*
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    I'm new to this game, but I'm starting to learn to sharpen some carbon steel knives on whetstones. However, I just saw Benuser write this in another thread (that I don't want to derail): Since I actually have a VG-10 knife that have not yet shown to the stones, perhaps someone here can...
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    Ohishi, the brand or the company

    When I started getting into J-knives I was quite oblivious to brands - I couldn't tell the various japanes words from each other and didn't really know the difference between famous blacksmiths, factories, "normal brands" or store brands. I'm slowly getting there by googling and reading and ...
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    You'd think.... people are stoopid

    You'd think that if you were a scammer trying to fool someone by replying to a WTB ad, then you'd use a clean e-mail address. Now when I got a PM saying "contact me by e-mail", the first google hits of the e-mail adress were to other forums where the same e-mail was used in attempted scams...
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    Petty 120-150, carbon, preferably EU

    I'm looking for my first quality petty knife. Brand is less important, but good performance is a must. The wishlist includes - 120-150 mm blade length - Carbon edge, or at least something easy to sharpen. - Wa handle Open to all serious suggestions. Send me a PM with what you've...