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  1. dmonterisi

    name the ONE comfort food for you.

    pork fried rice from a ny chinese take out spot
  2. dmonterisi

    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    this is amazing. can tanaka turn this into kanji?
  3. dmonterisi

    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    the image of a :dancingcow: tangling its 🥕🥕🥕 on stage will be the lingering memory of massdrop 4.0 for most of us
  4. dmonterisi

    SOLD 1Takada no Hamono Suiboku 240mm Blue #1 Gyuto

    these are so good. they live up to the hype. GLWS
  5. dmonterisi

    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    freaking nice.
  6. dmonterisi

    Feather Dammy Integral

    stunning work!
  7. dmonterisi

    SOLD BNIB Toyama Damascus Gyuto 210mm

    nice. great price. glws!
  8. dmonterisi

    Bought Withdrawn.

    Banding is what happens when a japanese honyaki blade is quenched in a vat of unicorn tears. ;) here, check out this post and the posts that follow for some talk and examples of banding
  9. dmonterisi

    WTB Kaiju - $1,800

    yes mine is a blue 2 standard 240. i had a jns WH which was great but the std is my go to and i sold the WH a while back.
  10. dmonterisi

    WTB Kaiju - $1,800

    i own both a Kaiju and a Kato 240 and use both regularly. I do not agree that the kaiju is a better knife that a Kato. kato (STD) to me, is more versatile, better HT, higher performance grind. I like the kaiju pretty well and its a fantastic knife, but in my experience its a step below Kato...
  11. dmonterisi

    SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

    i have the black ferrule brother to this knife. i use it often. as the OP said, the birdseye maple handle is super comfortable and is very unique. GLWS.
  12. dmonterisi

    300mm Yanagi Rec. kikuchiyo/mosuke?

    Thinking about picking up a 300mm yanagi in the coming weeks or months. Just kind of peeking around at the options in the $800-1000 range. I currently have a gesshin hide 240 yanagi and its great but i would like something nice in the 300mm range. I have noticed the hitohira offerings...
  13. dmonterisi

    In-house Damascus Makers (Japanese)?

    i have no personal knowledge but i recall reading i think in Omega’s konosuke compendium that Tanaka had switched to prelam for almost everything several years ago with the exception of special projects like kaiju and togo, as well as for damascus knives. however, based on the volume of...
  14. dmonterisi

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Comet 26c3 honyaki
  15. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    so i've only used it minimally so far since i received it saturday, minced a few cloves of garlic and sliced some radishes and persian cucumbers for a salad. performed those simple tasks really well, the tip is very precise and there is actually more taper than i thought there would be which i...
  16. dmonterisi

    Show your newest knife buy

    togashi white 1 stainless clad 165 tall petty
  17. dmonterisi

    Knife findings

    white 2 210mm Takada no Hamono at carbon. maybe a little spendy for a shirogami 2 210 🤷‍♀️
  18. dmonterisi

    SOLD Yoshikazu Tanaka 240mm Aogami Super Gyuto - Autographed

    shinogi looks pretty clear to me. it may not have the same contrast that the diagonal migaki finish creates versus the bead blasted bevel on say the tanaka kyuzo. the uniform kasumi finish hides it a but. but to me it is definitely there.
  19. dmonterisi

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    starting to really like the below the shinogi patina on this tanaka/kyuzo.