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  1. ThEoRy

    Media Skin on Salmon

    Haven't done a straight up fish fab vid in a while. Looks like the kid still got it. Enjoy! Fish: Faroe Island Salmon courtesy of Green Tree Packing and Tailfin Fresh Fish. Knife: Konosuke Fujiyama 270mm custom Aogami Mioroshi Deba Dish: Pan Seared Faroe Island Salmon Sesame...
  2. ThEoRy

    Media Sonny on Saute!!!
  3. ThEoRy

    Tojiro or...?

    My sauté cook bought a tojiro nakiri from Amazon and it arrived in different packaging, has slightly different kanji and a flower logo. What's up with that? Is it a new thing they are doing or is it made by a different oem manufacturer or did he get a knock off? I haven't seen the knife in...
  4. ThEoRy

    I still have your knives

    But I don't know who you are. I'm just that horrible with names. Especially when I usually associate someone with their online persona. I do remember you driving a Porsche I believe. ECG 2017 you let me borrow 2 knives. A Chris Anderson laser wa gyuto and an Andy Billup Damascus hidden...
  5. ThEoRy

    Escort Passport Max 2 HD Radar Detector

    For sale is a used Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector. I purchased this detector 1 year ago for $575 on Amazon, it currently sells new for over $300 plus tax. The gps function works intermittently now so it doesn't always lock out learned false alerts. Other than that it has very strong...
  6. ThEoRy

    Media Chicken Ballotine or Gallantine

    More old footage. This time I'm deboning a whole chicken which was later stuffed, rolled up, tied up and roasted. Knife used: Misono Swedish Steel 150mm Hankotsu All music written, produced and recorded by myself. All songs available for download: I'm Breaking Out...
  7. ThEoRy

    Media Pompano Sanmai Oroshi

    Here is some more old school footage I found of me filleting a pompano with the three piece filet method used in Japan known as san mai oroshi. This technique can be used on many different types of fish. Grouper, snapper, mackerel etc. Knife used: Yoshihiro 210mm Suminagashi Deba All...
  8. ThEoRy

    Media Veal Chop

    Some more old school footage that I recently found. This one has me portioning a veal rack without scraping the bones. Knives used: Hattori HD 150mm honesuki Konosuke HD 240mm wa gyuto Music written, produced and recorded by myself.
  9. ThEoRy

    Apparently I can make a wa handle now.

    Took a shot at it and this was the result of my first attempt. The materials used were buffalo horn for the ferrule and end cap, nickle silver spacers and dyed Oregon maple burl from burl source. And here it is mounted on my Tanaka R2 pm 210mm wa gyuto. And here it is with...
  10. ThEoRy

    Drill Bits

    What are you guys using for drilling through tangs and scales. What I'm using isn't working anymore and I need some new ones.
  11. ThEoRy

    A Friend In Need

    Dear KKF, It is with a heavy heart that I come to you. A childhood friend of mine, David has passed away. Though I didn't know him well I was friendly with his twin brother Daniel. I grew up down the street from Daniel and David in Hollywood FL. They were special needs kids several years...
  12. ThEoRy

    "Which Stone Should I Buy" Questionnaire

    Why hasn't this happened yet? I see so many threads asking for stone advice and It's much more simple than the knife questionnaire. I see it as something like this below. Feel free to add any relevant questions and maybe we can make it a sticky once complete. LOCATION What country are...
  13. ThEoRy

    Media Duck Breast with Confit Strudel
  14. ThEoRy

    Media Bronzini

    How I butterfly a bronzini for a whole fish presentation.
  15. ThEoRy

    Media Sharpening Honesuki Will annotate soon.
  16. ThEoRy

    Media Yanagiba Sharpening
  17. ThEoRy

    I'm feeling sick

    Latest track "I'm feeling Sick"
  18. ThEoRy

    What did you do this week?

    I fed over 10,000 people. What did you do?
  19. ThEoRy

    Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

    Escort Passport 8500X50 plus the beltronics blendmount system $250 for both plus shipping. and
  20. ThEoRy

    Gesshin Hide Gyuto and Usuba

    Here we have 2 knives for sale. They've become drawer queens and it's time to let someone who will use them have a turn. First is the Gyuto. It's a Gesshin Hide 240MM Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-Gyuto with Ebony Handle. This was a project knife for me. It was a little heavy out of the box so I...