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    Kurouchi suji - any benefits?

    Are there any practical benefits in a suji with kurouchi finish, compared to a polished / migaki finish? In regard to food sticktion / stickage, food release, etc? I'm looking for a 240 or 270 suji to use on raw and cooked protein, as a pure slicer. One of the options is a Heiji direct. I was...
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    WTB 165 Nakiri

    Looking for an affordable small prep / wife knife in good shape. Thinking Watoyama, Wakui, Mazaki, Tanuki, Heiji (not sure he makes a 165…). But fairly open to other makers, western as well. Thanks!
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    WTB 180 WH petty

    Looking for a 170-190ish long WH petty (WH as in thick and heavy). A Heiji, Watanabe, Kip or Tsourkan would be great, but I’m pretty open to other makers. Thanks!
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    WTB Well-used Kato gyuto

    Hi! Looking for well-used Kato gyuto, in any size and version (WH, std, etc). Don’t care if it was used, sharpened, thinned, chipped, tipped, passedaroud, older versions… just trying to find something a bit more modestly priced. Thanks!
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    Best S&G midgrit synthetic?

    Hi! This isn’t a new topic but I found little info on some of the specific contenders here, so I wanted to poke you guys about it. I currently have a SG220, SG500, Aizu and a few hard suitas. I’m looking for a midgrit S&G synthetic to use mostly as a first stone on knives that are starting to...
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    Deep saute pan recommendations?

    I have an All-Clad saute pan but it feels a bit short (not deep enough) when I'm cooking a lot of greens or braising meat with stock and vegetables. I end up using a large stockpot in these cases, but then it's not so good to sear meat and reduce sauces. I think something deeper (3 - 4.5...
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    WTB Gyutos: Dalman Western, Kaeru WH, Tsourkan WH

    Hi! Looking for the following gyutos: Dalman (any length, pref western) Tsourkan WH (any length, pref western) Kaeru 180 WH Kaeru 210 WH (earlier version w/ ~200g) Thanks!
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    Best knife for high volume veg prep?

    [subtitle / disclaimer: “high volume” in the context of a home cook :) ] So my cooking volume increased quite a bit after getting married and adopting a rescue puppy (and deciding to spoil her with home-cooked meals). I previously cooked for 1-2 people but now I often do meal prep for the...
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    WTB Toyama / Wat: 240 gyuto, 270 gyuto, 210 nakiri

    Love my Toyama 150 petty and 210 gyuto and want to try a bigger knife. Either carbon or stainless clad is fine. Open to Watanabes as well. Ps: I know the 240 SS is available at JNS but wanted to check here first. Thanks!
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    WTB 210 or 180 Shigefusa gyuto

    Long shot, but I remember seeing some 180s around recently. Looking for the plain vanila versions - kasumi, wa handle. I had both but sold them :( Thx!
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    WTB Coticule, Wakasa, Nakayama koppa

    I’m looking for hard, fine and fast-cutting stones for kichen knives. Black ink producers, with little to no mud. Good examples of these 3 would be great. Price is an issue so I’m focusing on koppas and odd shapes, specially for the Nakayama. Also open to other stones if they fit the...
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    Bought Small aizu

    Hi. I wanted to try an aizu for that toothy yet refined edge. Preferably a less expensive one - small, odd shaped, not too thick… I’m open to anything. Thx!
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    240 suji - stiff, not too tall? Options?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a 240-250 suji for home use, mostly for slicing raw and cooked protein (small roasts, making tartar and sashimi, etc). I figured something stiff (a bit of flex near the tip is fine, but mostly stiff) and not too tall (40mm or under) would be ideal. Preferably carbon...
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    WTS Ashi Ginga Stainless 210 petty / suji

    Hi all - This is one of the best performing knives I've owned, but haven't being using it much and need the $ for other incoming knives. I'm looking for 270 or 240 Misono Swedish suji, could do a trade. Also considering other sujis in the same price range. Like-new condition - never...
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    WTS Marko Tsourkan 180 gyuto, Sabatier 10" slicer

    Hi all - I have some knives coming in and need to free up space and $. Prices include shipping - if you buy more than one item I can reduce the price a bit to reflect the saving in shipping cost. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics - I would be happy to send additional pics / videos in case anyone...
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    WTB Saya for Toyama 150 petty

    Hi all - Looking for a saya for my Toyama 150 petty. I’m open to anything, as long as not super expensive. Could be something readily available, or maybe a custom order if someone made such saya before and has a template. Thx!
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    WTB Toyama / Watanabe 150 petty

    Sold my Toyama petty a while back... been regretting it lately. Looking for a lightly used one. Could be Watanabe as well, as long as migaki finished. Thanks!
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    SOLD JNS 6000, King 800, mid-grit Jnat and tsubaki oil ($100 kit)

    Hi - I'm selling my last stones, just keeping a practical few for sharpening. Asking US$100 for the kit, shipped and insured. King 800 and JNS 6000 - probably used each 2-3 times. Both are pretty thick and practically new. Unknown mid-grit Jnat - got it from a member here as a gift (so I'm...
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    WTS Dalman cleaver

    Hi all - I'm selling my Dalman cleaver. Got it new from a member here, as a trade for a small Kato gyuto. It did not disappoint but I found out I prefer lighter knives :) Used twice, has some patina but it's still quite sharp. 374g Edge length: 184mm Height at heel: 100mm US$800 shipped...
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    WTS Shiguefusa 180 kasumi gyuto

    Didn't really want to sell this but I'm renovating my apartment and need the funds... Very fun little knife that punches well above its weight. I bought it new, used probably 5 times and never sharpened. Asking US$700 including express worldwide shipping (I'm in Brazil). 152g 180 mm edge...