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  1. watercrawl

    Heat Treating

    I found the following on heat treating AEB-L on the net...specifically on Heat Treating Information: Preheat: Heat to 1560° and equalize. 1920°F Austenitize: Ramp to 1920°F and hold at temperature for 15 minutes. Oil or plate or air quench as quickly as possible...
  2. watercrawl

    Heat Treat Ovens

    All information discussed below is based on information and pricing from Any of you guys own a Sugar Creek HT oven? Their 24" model can be had for about $220 less than the 22.5" model from Evenheat for what I believe is comparable programming models. I don't want to...
  3. watercrawl

    Kramer Article

    Fun read:
  4. watercrawl

    240mm Sujihiki

    I'd actually put my name on this one if I had the means. :D 240mm sujihiki made from AEB-L. Stainless bolster, and redwood burl for the handle. I still have a few scratches to get out around the bolster, but otherwise it's all done.
  5. watercrawl

    Reamer Is this what is used to ream holes drilled in peened bolsters?
  6. watercrawl

    Viewing Issue

    Trying to read threads and catch up with everything, but I'm having a bit of an issue. The posts are all messed up. Makes me scroll up and down and side to side to view entire posts. Almost impossible to read if the post is just one line. Can't find a setting on KKF to fix it. Is it a...
  7. watercrawl


    My name's Adam....and I'm feeling kind of homeless lately. Miss my friends. Need to send a few people some PT's....see if we can sort some things out.