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  1. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    I'm an avid fisherman... Been fishing with my pops since I was three years old and always get stoked each year when I cast comes around. I'm an avid gear junkie in fishing as well. Just bought a daiwa tatula rod and reel. First daiwa that I've bought since the advantage hsta. Really stoked to...
  2. K-Fed

    Must love Jeeps

    I stated in another thread that I've been really busy lately, and this is just one of the projects I've got going on. The floor pans in my jeep Cherokee were rotten, in particular the passenger side and seeing as I had a week off from work I had to get started on the jeep loving. All...
  3. K-Fed

    WTB: Large Wa Handle

    So I've got this new tanaka and like most tanakas its just begging for a nicer/ larger handle. Does anyone have a large, like zakuri/ suisin large, wa handle they would be willing to part with? @PierreRodrigue. Have you started making those killer carbon fiber handles yet?
  4. K-Fed

    Gesshin 400 passaround

    I know there are a lot of people that are interested in, or would like to try this stone. If you are one of these people... here is your chance. Lower 48 only please, and usual passaround rules apply. Insurance for $75 would also be appreciated.
  5. K-Fed

    Any former smokers have any usefull advice?

    I've been smoking for about ten years and while I've tried to quite before, sometimes with moderate success( a little over a year ), I can't seem to kick the habit for good. Anyone out there have some usefull advice?
  6. K-Fed

    Taste of Martin County winners... us!

    We took first in three out of the four catagories that we entered in. Best salad, best entree, and best presentation. It's a charity event for big brothers n big sisters held out doors. It gets extremely busy doing around 1000 small tasting portions of the three dishes we brought. This is the...
  7. K-Fed

    New project... Unfourtnetly.

    The floor at work claims its latest victim. This time it was my own fault. :curse::slaphead: .while this is quite the bummer I've had an awesome block of Oregon maple burl that I've been meaning to play with. Might have to have a go at making my own handle.
  8. K-Fed

    Glestain gyuto passaround... Lefties only

    I don't really use this one much these days. This knife has been used and sharpened quite a bit but still cuts well and works as the guys at glestain intended as for as food release. Anyone interested? Usual passaround rules apply.
  9. K-Fed

    Dt itk vs Rodrigue mid tech

    Ill try to write a review after work tomorrow after I have a little more board time with the Rodrigue. I will say off the bat that this thing is super thin and awesome for more detailed cuts. It almost feels like it bridges the gap between a gyuto and a suji. The tip is sharpened tinfoil thin...
  10. K-Fed

    Media Good Eats... Corned Beef

    In the spirit of the holiday... though not truly Irish.
  11. K-Fed

    Broken knife, broken heart.

    So one of the sous chefs at work stuck himself today while breaking down some cooked turkeys. While he was tending to his wound the village idiot, he thought Julia child invented the julienne I'm sure there's at least one in every kitchen, knocked his henkles chefs knife off the table and it...
  12. K-Fed

    K-fed's kit

    Haven't started one of these yet and figured I'd start with my newly acquired dt itk gyuto. Most of the polishing was already done, but i took it a little bit further after thinning it a bit.
  13. K-Fed

    New Years in the kitchen

    We had a busy night at the sailors return here in Stuart fl. My second job but the chef and I have been working together for about 8 years. how was everyone's new year?
  14. K-Fed

    Feeler: TI Sabatier nogent chef de chef.

    I got this from TBT and well it doesn't really fit my fancy, even though I don't own a chef de chef I didn't really want one either. I do kind of like the thought of having it even though it wasn't what I wanted but I just don't have much use for it at the moment. I've yet to ship this back to...
  15. K-Fed

    FS: Zakuri 240mm blue #1 gyuto

    Up on the block is my Zakuri 240mm blue #1 gyuto. I like this knife a lot but the reactivity of the cladding is just a little much for me. It was once a kurouchi knife but the finish was stripped during a warm vinegar patina experiment. There is also a bit of an over grind one the blade face on...
  16. K-Fed

    Media Good Eats Bouillabaisse

    I'm sitting here relaxing before work watching good eats as I usually do ( it's a repeat of the bouillabaisse episode ) and noticed that Alton opts for what looks to be a carbon sabatier in favor of his shuns. Feeling a little nostalgic are we alton? ;x. It can be seen at around 11:20 in while...
  17. K-Fed

    Outdoor wok-ing

    I'm looking to piece together a good outdoor burner/wok setup and was wondering if anyone here has any insight on such a thing. Any input and or conversation is welcome :-)
  18. K-Fed

    Sakai yusuke suji

    So I just put a fresh edge on the sakai yusuke suji that I got off of LOL. The white steel felt awesome on the stones. Boy have I missed that feeling though it seemed a bit more wear resistant than the white #2 In the Konosuke gyutos that I used to have. Has anyone else had a similar experience...
  19. K-Fed

    Sb1/ Niolox

    I'm quickly falling for Mario's work and want a blade with his name on it. After the Sb1 pass around I would really like a blade in this steel, and Mario has expressed a desire to work with it. A win win in my book. Is this steel so scarce in smallish amounts that it would be unrealistic for me...
  20. K-Fed

    Spanish mackerel and deba. Just a pic share.

    Spent a little time at the beach yesterday. Caught myself a little dinner. I don't get to enjoy working with my Tanaka deba often but it really makes me smile every time I do. Definitely one of the knives that will always be in my kit and never be sold.