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  1. tylerleach

    WTS Tyler’s truck/wedding/closet cleaning sale Pt 3!.

    Hello my friends… got some gems to re-home. Let’s get to it! If anyone wants any specific measurements or has question just DM me please. Halcyon Forge 225 Ironwood Western- SOLD! 225x53 15n20 I am a HUGE Halcyon fan… I own two from him which are quite similar in size so I’m choosing to...
  2. tylerleach

    SOLD TYLER STILL NEEDS TO BUY A CAR SALE pt 2!! *High performance addition****PRICE DROPSSSS**

    Hello friends!! Every single one of these knives I still absolutely love…and in a perfect world I would keep all of them. They ALL also happen to be excellent performers. If anyone would like additional info/photos on any of these please just DM me… Got some heavy hitters here so let’s get to...
  3. tylerleach

    Bought Cheap gyuto for one of my employees

    Hey guys! I’m looking to find something used for one of my line guys… would love something in good condition but for cheap… like real cheap. Stainless or semi stainless would probably be best for him but I might consider carbon as well. He knows absolutely nothing about knives but I’d still like...
  4. tylerleach

    SOLD Tyler has to buy a new car sale! *TANAKA WIDE BEVEL+CCK* PRICE DROP!!

    Hey Guys! Got some good ones for ya… Please message me if any of you have specific questions about these or if you’d like more measurements or photos: Tanaka Kyuzo 240 (measures more like 230) wide bevel. Stainless clad. Absolutely STUNNING knife. Very lightly used for a total of maybe 15 mins...
  5. tylerleach

    Bazes Gyuto: a review

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to put up an official review of this gorgeous piece… This is a 213x 56 gyuto, VToku2 steel, wrought iron clad with a birdseye maple handle. I was of course first attracted to the aesthetic of the knife, as it is very beautiful, but also the shape. Low tip, tall...
  6. tylerleach


    Hey y’all, Looking to sell my Yu Kurosaki Fujin AO Super 240mm gyuto. This one is another beauty… This knife is quite sought after, and to my knowledge not available anywhere, as the Fujin is extremely popular but more importantly because Kurosaki San doesn’t work with carbon very often these...
  7. tylerleach

    SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

    Hello everyone, Really really sad to see this one go… I am looking to sell my absolutely gorgeous Tanaka Kyuzo Damascus B#1 240 with Spalted Maple handle and blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Soft iron Damascus cladding. Everything about this knife is spectacular… the fit and finish is top flight...
  8. tylerleach

    SOLD Moritaka 240 Sujihiki - Priced to sell!!!

    Hello everyone! Looking to sell my Moritaka AS 240 sujihiki. I bought the knife from Coutelier a few weeks ago.. literally used it for about 10 minutes to filet a few Halibut and I think I cut up a few veggies just to test the edge. Knife is in great condition, has a little bit of patina on the...
  9. tylerleach

    WTS Yu Kurosaki Fujin 240 LNIB- PRICE DROP

    Hello everyone, looking to sell my Kurosaki Fujin 240 SG2 Powdered Stainless Gyuto. The only reason I say LNIB is because I have cut up some newspaper and handled the knife a decent amount (taking pics, admiring its beauty 😂) but it is unused. The knife is perfect, no scuffs or scratches, it is...
  10. tylerleach

    WTB Hasegawa board

    Hey y’all, if anyone is looking to get rid of a Hasegawa board let me know… the bigger the better.
  11. tylerleach

    WTS Nigara Aogami Super Gyuto 210

    Hey guys, selling my Nigara Aogami Super Matte Migaki Tsuchime Gyuto. (That’s what it’s called but I would call it Kasumi and Tsuchime) Fantastic knife, in excellent condition, just one hairline saya scratchand beautiful, colorful patina on the cutting edge. This knife has a nice stiff spine...
  12. tylerleach

    WTS Masamoto KS

    Hello everyone! Selling my Masamoto KS 240 (which is actually a 250ish) I’m sure everyone here knows the details of this knife but just a few things about it for those that don’t: -Monosteel (not clad), Shirogami #2 Carbon steel -Originally modeled after the French Sabatier style knife...
  13. tylerleach

    WTB MCX Spare

    If anyone is thinking about selling another one of these, I want it!! 250mm would be dope, but I’m open to different lengths. Cheers!
  14. tylerleach

    WTB Mazaki/Honyaki/Fujiyama/Yanick/Kamon/Raquin/Jiro

    Hey y’all! Yes I know, these are all bangers and highly sought after. Just figured I’d throw a net out there and see if anything gets caught 😂 Looking for 240s or above, gyutos. As far as the Honyaki goes I have been eyeing the Togashi James (yes I know a few of them just sold here), Mazaki, a...
  15. tylerleach

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! My first post on the forum. I am very active on the “other” forum and I’ve read so many posts on this one so I decided to join! Very excited to talk shop with all you fellow knife nerds.